Lactose Free Protein


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The majority of Lactose Free Protein products are sourced from non milk-based ingredients, with Brown Rice Protein and Beef Protein being two popular examples. This is because milk-based products are naturally high in lactose, which thereby excludes Whey Protein from most lactose-free diets. In an exception to this rule, Bulk™ offers Pure Whey Isolate™ 97 – one of only a few guaranteed Lactose Free Protein shakes in the UK.

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Lactose-Free Protein FAQS

What is lactose free protein powder?
Lactose-free Protein powder is any kind of protein powder that doesn’t contain lactose – a type of sugar that is only found in milk and dairy products. Many people are lactose intolerant to varying degrees, meaning they have to avoid consuming lactose in their diet – which can be difficult for trainers, considering how many protein products are made from dairy. Fortunately, you can now get a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free protein powders in all types of flavours, including pre-workout and post-workout formulas.
What are the benefits of lactose free protein powders?
Lactose-free Protein powders offer all of the same nutritional benefits as regular protein powders, except they contain no lactose, meaning they’re suitable for anyone with a lactose intolerance. Otherwise, they’re a great way to get additional protein nutrition into your daily diet. In the case of naturally lactose-free powders such as plant-based proteins, they’re particularly good for vegan athletes.
Are dairy free protein supplements healthy?
Dairy-free protein supplements are generally no different from dairy-sourced protein supplements. The only difference is where the protein comes from, and how it was produced. Just remember: Not all dairy-free protein sources are the same. There are nine different Essential Amino Acids that form the ‘Complete Protein’ your body needs. If you’re using dairy-free or plant-based proteins, you might have to check to make sure you’re getting all nine amino acids.
Which proteins are lactose free?
Lactose is a form of sugar that is only found in milk and dairy products, so any protein powder which is sourced from a non-dairy source, such as peas, plants, legumes, seeds and pulses, will be naturally lactose free. The same applies to meat proteins, whether in food or powder form. And, of course, there is a growing range of lactose-free milk and whey protein products designed specifically for lactose-intolerant trainers.
Is it OK to take it every day?
Lactose-free protein powder is no different from regular, flavoured protein powders, so it’s completely safe to consume every day as part of a balanced diet with regular exercise. Like our other protein supplements, lactose-free protein powder isn’t intended to be used as a meal replacement, so you should make sure you continue to eat a healthy, varied diet, and like any other food, pay attention to your calorie intake.
What is the difference between dairy free protein and vegan protein?
A product can be dairy-free without being vegan – chicken, for example, is technically dairy-free, but that doesn’t make it suitable for vegans or vegetarians. Dairy-free just means the product doesn’t contain any ingredients sourced from animal milk, such as whey. Vegan proteins are any proteins that contain no dairy or meat products whatsoever – so plant-based protein powders, and protein-rich foods like seeds and nuts.
Is there dairy in whey protein?
Whey is a byproduct of numerous dairy production processes, such as cheesemaking, so the short answer is yes, there is dairy in whey protein. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of non-dairy protein sources, such as vegan protein powders and pure nut butters, that are completely dairy-free. But yes: If you want or need to avoid dairy products for any reason, you should avoid all products that use whey protein.
What is the best milk free protein supplement?
There are a wide range of milk and dairy-free protein supplements, from naturally lactose-free foods, to specially prepared formulas. Which one of these is ‘best’ for you depends on your specific dietary and nutritional needs. If you want a reliable, all-round protein powder that’s completely dairy-free, try our Vegan Protein Powder.