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Intra workout supplements are designed to be consumed during a workout and play an important role in nutrition for performance and physique development. Gym enthusiasts are starting to realise that neglecting intra workout supplements means they are essentially missing a trick. bulk™ has a select range of intra workout supplements to help you not only get the most from your workout, but also to protect your muscles against muscle breakdown.

We would also strongly recommend combining one or more intra workout supplements with both pre and post workout supplements, providing optimum nutrition around the times when your body needs it most!

For many, carbohydrate drinks, such as vitargo, have always been the choice for during a workout. It has been a fairly recent development though whereby research has focused on the benefits of consuming additional nutrients, branched chain amino acids for example, to supply energy and to protect the muscles during intense training sessions. This is particularly relevant if sessions are of a long duration or are of a particularly intense nature; for example if during weight training you are performing lots of supersets and/or dropsets.

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