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Jonathan Joseph

Bath & England Rugby


I need to fuel my body in the right way, and I enjoy the convenience of protein shakes. BULK POWDERS® helps me to get the right supplements which I can incorporate quickly and easily into my busy routine. I can’t wait to see the results we can achieve together.

Date of Birth 21st April, 1991
Height 6'0
Weight 93kg
Favourite Product INFORMED WHEY®

Jonathan Joseph has always been an elite Rugby player but knows that with the help of BULK POWDERS® range of products he can maintain the eye-catching performances at Centre that helped him gain recognition with the British and Irish Lions, England & Bath Rugby Club. The BULK POWDERS® range of products is here to help him progress further at the top level.


Jonathan Joseph’s Nutrition

Training up to twice a day most days means that Jonathan Joseph needs to stay on top of his nutrition. With the high frequency of sessions, whether he's in the gym or on the field, it's important that JJ has a consistent supply of quality protein and carbs to aid his performance and recovery.


Physically I need to be able to deal with multiple training sessions per week, making sure I'm fully recovered and feeling strong come game day. I take this before and after sessions without fail.

INFORMED WHEY® Double Chocolate 2.27kg

INFORMED WHEY® Double Chocolate 2.27kg

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My activity levels dictate that I need to consume a high level of calories. Peanut Butter is a calorie dense food source, and it tastes great on just about everything - or even mixed in a shake!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

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I have a sweet tooth and I'm always on the move, so these snack bars are perfect. They are surprisingly filling too. Both flavours are really good but Chocolate Praline edges it.

High Protein Snack Bars

High Protein Snack Bars

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