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Gluten Free Protein

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The gluten free diet has gained a huge following, particularly as our awareness of gluten intolerance is increasing. Our gluten free range spans a range of products, from gluten free protein powders to tasty foods and supplements.

Gluten is a protein found in barley, wheat and rye, and it should be avoided by those with coeliac disease. The immune systems of coeliac sufferers mistakenly identify substances found inside gluten as a threat, and attacks them. This causes damage to the intestines, making proper digestion of nutrients difficult. If you don't have coeliac disease there is no need for you to cut gluten from your diet, however, if you're unsure and would like to be screened – speak to your GP.

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Gluten Free Protein FAQs

As gluten-free diets are rising in popularity and necessity, protein in fitness has had to diversify to make sure that, regardless of your dietary requirements, you have access to the supplements you need. Because gluten is a specific protein that is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats, we have created powders and supplements that avoid these sources, to give you confidence in what you’re using.

You should take gluten free protein products at the same time you would any other protein supplements. Most are designed to be enjoyed at any time of day, whenever you need an extra protein boost or simply to enjoy as part of your diet and training lifestyle.

Gluten-free protein products are for everyone! You may be trying to avoid gluten as part of your diet, perhaps because you don’t like it or you’re trying out something new. Particularly, though, these products are perfect for those trying to avoid gluten in their diet, maybe to avoid side-effects or just as a personal health choice. Life is too short to worry about what’s in your food, so we have you covered with our gluten free range.

All of our Bulk gluten free products are designed with versatility in mind. From our protein powders, to our protein bars and nut butters, they can be implemented as part of a healthy and balanced gluten-free diet.

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