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Slow Release Protein

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Slow Release Protein sources (also referred to as Sustained Release Protein, Night Time Protein or Bedtime Protein) such as Micellar Casein are an often-neglected area of protein supplementation. Whilst fast-absorbing protein powders and shakes such as Whey Protein Isolate are perfect after a tough workout, it is ideal to use a Slow Release Protein at night or before bed.

Whatever your choice of Slow Release Protein, you can be sure that Bulk™ has them all, and, as always, at the lowest prices in the UK – guaranteed!

Browse our selection of 1 kilo protein powders and 5 kilo protein powders.

All of our protein powders are high-performers, easy-mixers and reliable all-rounders. Shake up a smoothie with seasonal berries, pimp up your porridge or power-pack your pancakes, bake into brownies or get creative with cookies. Keeping it simple? Just add water or milk. 

If you’re looking to increase your protein intake as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, our extensive range of protein powders has something for everyone. All you have to do is choose. 

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Slow Release Protein FAQS

Slow-release protein supplements are often an afterthought in training. Trainers take shakes and use our fast-release protein powders before and during a workout, but slow-release protein products ensure you can still absorb protein, even if you’re not eating it - perfect for a pre-bedtime boost.

Slow-release protein powders are a simple way of ensuring that your body is getting an adequate amount of protein in, even as you rest. This is what makes it a popular pre-bedtime supplement. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking to bulk up or maintain your weight.

Like carbs, protein comes in slow-release and fast-release forms. We’re usually familiar with fast-release - that Whey Isolate we take before our workout, the Beef Protein Isolate we sip at lunch. These act fast - like most powders, they’re absorbed quickly and boost our protein intake there and then. Slow-release proteins take more time to digest, but their work is sustained over a longer period of time, perfect just before bedtime for example.

Slow-release protein supplements are designed to be taken as part of a healthy, balanced diet. The benefits of this slow-release are clear, but some products, such as our flapjacks, contain a greater sugar content, so please bear this in mind.

Slow release protein is the perfect solution to the trainer’s problem - there’s simply not enough hours in the day. Take some slow release protein before going to sleep, and you can be sure that as you rest, your body is still absorbing protein.

Slow release protein powders are suitable for anyone, and we have a range of products that will work for you, whether you’re following a gluten-free or vegetarian diet.

Unfortunately, because slow release protein powders contain Micellar Casein, which is a milk product, they are unsuitable for a vegan diet.


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