Natural Protein


Browse a huge range of Natural Protein sources below. Whether it's foods, shakes, drinks or supplements, Bulk™ has something for every preference.

Our Natural Protein range only includes products which are high in protein and contain 100% natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives.

From our 100% Natural Pure Whey Protein™, containing completely natural flavours and sweetened with Stevia Extract, to our 100% Natural Peanut Butter, containing nothing but peanuts – there really is something for everyone.

All of our protein powders are high-performers, easy-mixers and reliable all-rounders. Shake up a smoothie with seasonal berries, pimp up your porridge or power-pack your pancakes, bake into brownies or get creative with cookies. Keeping it simple? Just add water or milk.

If you’re looking to increase your protein intake as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, our extensive range of protein powders has something for everyone. All you have to do is choose.

Discover our range of natural protein powders and shakes.

Natural Protein FAQS

What are natural protein powders?
Natural protein powders are supplements that contain 100% natural protein. That’s right - no additives, preservatives, or superfluous ingredients. Complete, pure and natural protein, in a powder form.
What are the benefits of natural protein shakes?
The protein contained in natural protein shakes are natural, pure, and has the rich nutritional profile associated with protein, along with all of the benefits. Protein is essential for regenerating after a workout, and can contribute to muscle maintenance.
Are natural protein supplements healthy?
Because natural protein supplements are derived from natural ingredients, without exception, they’re some of the purest proteins you can buy on the market. Of course, nature isn’t perfect. With our nut butters, for example, they will contain naturally occurring sugars, but you can be assured that with all of these products that we use the highest quality ingredients to help you get your protein fix.
What's the difference between regular protein and natural protein powders?
Natural protein powders are a simple way of ensuring your protein intake is exactly that - from natural sources. Whilst regular protein powders usually have a higher protein content due to the ingredients used, natural protein powders sacrifice some of this content in favour of a purer nutritional profile. You can stick to one or the other, or mix both.
What are the best healthy protein powders?
Health completely depends on the individual, and only you will know what’s best for your diet, training regime, and body. Of course, natural protein powders come with an array of healthy traits, including the fact they’re made with a pure protein source, no exceptions. Regular protein powders often incorporate other nutrients, like BCAAs and carbohydrates, which are also important for your body.
How to make healthy protein shakes?
One of the best things about our products here at bulk is their versatility. You can mix and match our protein powders and supplements to design your own, all-in-one drink that ensures you get the nutritional profile you want, either before, during or after your workout, as part of a healthy and balanced diet.
Are natural protein shakes vegan?
We always try to make sure that vegans are catered for here at bulk, and our natural protein range is no different. Our Vegan Protein Powder might be a suitable choice for those on a vegan diet, but it’s even proven popular with meat-eating and vegetarian customers too. This is thanks to its wide and varied nutritional profile, which of course includes protein, but also a source of fibre.