Organic Royal Quinoa Grain

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain

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"The King of Quinoa"
A source of protein & fibre
Organically certified by the Soil Association


What is Organic Royal Quinoa Grain?

BULK POWDERS™ Organic Royal Quinoa Grain is sourced from Bolivia. Due to the harsh weather conditions and intense seasonality, only this particular Quinoa is classed as Royal Quinoa and results in a truly larger, rounder seed, that tastes nuttier and is fluffier (once cooked) than any other Quinoa variety. This is essentially the 'King of Quinoa' – hence the name!

During the age of the Inca Empire, Quinoa was an important and sacred crop, referred to as ‘the mother of all grains’. Royal Quinoa is often referenced as a pseudo-cereal; it is essentially a seed, which is prepared and eaten in a similar manner to a grain. Quinoa is traditionally grown in many regions of South America, although the quality of the Quinoa depends highly on the region.

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain is high in protein and has a comprehensive amino acid profile, which will contribute to a growth of muscle mass. It is also a source of fibre and free from gluten, which makes it a fantastic alternative to many wheat based foods. Organic Royal Quinoa Grain is also high in Iron, which will contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal energy-yielding metabolism and normal functioning of the immune system.

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain is also super easy to prepare, has a fresh nutty flavour, with a firm bite and makes a delicious addition to salads as well as being a filling meal in itself – or providing the perfect partner to meat and fish.

Benefits of Organic Royal Quinoa Grain

  • 100% Organic Royal Quinoa Grain
  • The ultimate Quinoa product
  • A fantastic source of protein
  • Contains all of the essential amino acids
  • A great replacement to wheat and gluten
  • Goes well with a range of foods
  • A source of Iron
  • High in fibre
  • Low in sugar
  • Premium Quinoa – sourced from Bolivia

Why Buy Organic Royal Quinoa Grain?

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain is the highest quality Quinoa available and is a fantastic replacement for many wheat based carbohydrates in the diet. It is perfect for anyone looking to avoid gluten in their diet, whilst also providing a great source of protein, fibre and Iron.

Who is Organic Royal Quinoa Grain Suitable For?

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain is perfect for absolutely anyone. It is easy to prepare and is a great alternative to many other carbohydrate foods in the diet. Try it cooked, simply on its own, or combined with various other vegetables to produce a fantastic meal.

BULK POWDERS™ Organic Certification

When buying a BULK POWDERS™ product that carries the Soil Association logo, you can be 100% confident that the product has been organically certified by the Soil Association. This means that the product meets the highest standards of sustainability and quality. The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body; responsible for over 70% of all organic products sold in the UK. They cover every aspect of a food’s journey; from how it is grown, harvested, processed, packaged, transported and ultimately – sold. This certification provides complete assurance that the product is 100% organic.

Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.
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Organic Royal Quinoa Grain Ingredients

100% Organic White Quinoa.

Organic Royal Quinoa Grain Nutrition Information

Nutritionper 100g Servingper 100g
Energy kJ/Kcal1472/3481472/348
of which saturates
of which sugars

Per serving:

Iron: 4mg (29% RI*)

Suitable For

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soya Free. 





Place 100g of Organic Royal Quinoa Grain in a saucepan with 300ml of fresh cold water or stock and bring to the boil (1 part Quinoa to 3 parts water). Reduce heat, cover with a lid and simmer gently for remaining time (15-20 minutes) until cooked and all the water has been absorbed. Once cooked, remove from the heat, drain off any excess water and stand for 10 minutes. Separate the grains with a fork and use as required.

Try adding various foods to your cooked Quinoa, such as roasted peppers, onions and courgettes and dress with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for a delicious meal.

IMPORTANT: Wash thoroughly before cooking. Allow approximately 60g of quinoa per 180g cooked serving. Store in a cool dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

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Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.



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