Den Traumkörper fürs Leben, nicht nur für den Sommer!


As soon as summer arrives and the vacation is booked, we are flooded with questions about a muscular body. Some panic that they have to walk around with their beer belly on the beach. Hand on heart. You should be disciplined all year round and work on your goals, not just as the holiday approaches. You should permanently change your body for the better and not just to be able to make an impression 2 weeks a year.

A question we are often asked is how best to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. For this purpose we present you some supplements from our range.



No supplement stack can do without protein. To get all the benefits of protein, such as fat reduction, muscle building and increasing strength, you should consume at least 2g protein per kg body weight. Try Pure Whey Isolate 90 or Riner Protein Isolate 97 (HYDROBEEF ™) to ensure optimal protein intake and stay lean at the same time, as these products contain a minimum of fat and carbohydrates.



Packing bulk is one of our customers‘ most popular goals. Wide is simply not wide enough! Therefore supplements can help you to the next level. Complete lean mass is ideal for this, in order to be able to absorb the necessary calories cleanly, because the product contains fewer carbohydrates than comparable weight gainers. Or even put together the perfect Gainer: oat flakes melting , for the clean carbohydrates, coupled with creatine monohydrate  and HMB powder for an increase in strength and muscle.


Get shredded!

Getting rid of excess fat can be particularly difficult with the last few pounds. The key to this is nutrition, however supplementing with Pro Series ™ Cutting Edge ™ or Green Coffee & Raspberry Ketone Capsules  along with   CLA Soft Capsules 1000mg  can help you burn fat and improve your overall body composition .

But don’t forget that the way to your dream body is not a sprint but a marathon. We don’t want to fool you either, because there is no magic powder with which you can achieve your goals without hard training and the right nutrition. Keep it simple! If you want to gain weight, then eat so that you are in excess of 500 kcal. If you want to lose fat, keep a deficit of 500kcal. Finally, keep in mind that it is easier to get rid of fat first and then put bulk on it than to do both at the same time.

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