• Peanut Butter Vs Almond Butter

    BATTLE OF THE NUTS: ALMOND BUTTER VS PEANUT BUTTER Peanut butter is the reigning champion of good fats – just ask any Instagram fitness model or “gym culture humour page”. Peanut butter has been well-regarded for years due to its healthy fat matrix, versatility as a food and the fact it tastes way better than actual […]

  • What causes bloating?

      This may seem like quite an odd topic to write about initially, however I think there are some misconceptions about “bloating” which need to be cleared up. “Bloating” is quite frequently seen as a negative thing, or an insensitivity to food, however I want to take a look at this and hopefully help to […]

  • Frankenstein Crispy Pops Halloween Recipe

      Get ready for the 31st October with this Frankenstein Crispy Pops Halloween Recipe. Spooky and full of protein, these will go down a treat at your Halloween party. INSTRUCTIONS 1.) In a bowl, whisk together agave and VitaFiber™ powder, then microwave for 30 seconds, whisk and microwave another 30 seconds. The idea is that you want […]

  • When and What Carbohydrates Should I Use?

      Nutrient timing has often been a topic of varying opinion, however timing of certain nutrients specifically could be advantageous towards you reaching your goals. Carbohydrates in particular offer a good opportunity to take advantage of timing, and the different types of carbohydrates available contribute to the timing benefit. TYPES OF CARBOHYDRATE Carbohydrates can often be […]

  • The Science of Weight Loss

      Weight loss is a lot less complicated than some people would have you believe. There are companies out there selling dangerous weight loss pills and claiming to be the “secret to weight loss” and who promise to have you in that little black dress in no time. Unfortunately, many individuals buy into these claims […]