Sports Performance


To excel at your chosen sport, there are some generic guidelines that should be considered. This can then be tailored to your specific sport. For a sports person, nutrition and training is focused on performance as opposed to aesthetics. Sports supplements can play a key role in ensuring optimum nutrition.

Hydration is a vital aspect of sporting performance. Dehydration has been shown to be detrimental across a range of sports, from power to endurance. Ensure that you consume at least 2l water throughout the additional, with extra fluid consumed during training.

Regardless of your sport, fuel plays a vital role in training and success. Endurance athletes require more race fuel than, say, a sprinter but appropriate fuelling is vital for both. Carbohydrate is the body’s primary and preferred source of energy. Depending on sport, between 4g-10g per Kilogram of bodyweight is recommended. Vitargo is the ultimate sports performance carbohydrate, and can be used to provide fuel before, during and after training or competition.

To recover from an intense match, race or even training session, both carbohydrate and protein should be consumed immediately afterwards. The carbohydrate is required for refuelling and the protein to start the growth and recovery process. An all in one supplement such as Complete All in One provides protein and carbohydrates in addition to other nutrients such as glutamine, leucine and creatine, which too can improve performance and recovery.

A good quality whey protein supplement is also useful to keep daily protein intake high, as is a premium multivitamin such as Super Vits – to ensure that your body retains a state of optimum health and condition at all times.