Sixpack Ernährung ‚On The Go‘

Blog post by Alex Brechtl , crossfitter and fitness model

Too busy to feed you “six-pack and crack-pog”? Then give it a try!

You are aware that, in addition to the sport, you should eat a balanced, high-quality and consistent diet to finally say goodbye to the last few hip kilos, strut across the beach with a wide chest and six-pack, or be able to draw everyone’s attention to you with a well-shaped crack. Theoretically „obvious“, but what about in practice? Despite all the „busy-ness“ in your life, you manage to do your workouts regularly and give everything during training – you can be really proud of yourself, because the hard training not only helps you to shape your six-pack and knackpo, but these also to bring to the „daylight“. You have already laid the first cornerstone. But what about your diet? In order to optimally build muscle, prevent hunger and boost „fat burning“, several small, balanced meals throughout the day are recommended. Well, easier said than done. You are often too „busy“ and have too many „things“ around your ears at the same time that you do not have the necessary time, enthusiasm and perspective to eat – not to mention to prepare and prepare meals. Also: who wants to run around with Tupperware & Co. all the time !?The solution is HIGH QUALITY supplements! These can not only be prepared and eaten at lightning speed, but are also practical to transport and ensure that you stay consistently on the ball – regardless of the „position“ you should be in at the moment.

Okay, you’re busy and have little time! So don’t be stopped any longer. And so that you still have a few clues, here is an example nutrition plan:

Breakfast „to go“ (you have got out of bed with difficulty and only have 5 minutes before you have to leave home):

Put 2 scoops of Complete Proteinmix, 100g of oatmeal and 250ml of almond milk in a shaker cup, „hook through“ for 15 seconds and drink with pleasure on the way.

Snack „meet me“ (you rush from morning to night and your stomach growls):

 “Pull out” protein-rich oat bars from your pocket / suit pocket / handbag, unpack and enjoy.

Lunch „break“ (the canteen calls):

Meat / fish / poultry, a large portion of salad and something sweet for dessert

Snack „Wake me up!“ (The afternoon low has you under control and in 2 hours you can finally start training):

Put 1 serving spoonful of Complete Protein Coffee in 1 cup of coffee , stir and voilà!

Before training (optional – if the effect of the coffee should have waned):

Put 1 serving spoon of ELEVATE in 250ml of water, „hook through“ well and pour it down.

Dinner „I made it“ (you trained hard, gave everything and earned your dinner):

Put the meat / fish / poultry, a large portion of salad and, for dessert, 2 scoops of complete protein dessert  in a bowl, add a dash of water and stir into a kind of pudding. The pudding is „tasted“ with a large portion of fruit.

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