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One can always get better or wiser and one way is to look at what others are doing. We run a series where we talk to athletes and other professionals about how they handle things like diet and exercise. With input from them, you can hopefully get inspiration for new ideas and maybe even learn something new.


Florian is one of our German sponsored athletes. He has been a vegetarian for 7 years and he tries to combine alternative protein sources with a balanced diet of vegetables and rice. He takes supplements as needed to optimize his macros, but typically goes after getting them covered through real food. His diet has a high content of protein and carbohydrates and a low content of fat. He has found that this suits his metabolism so that he can keep the fat percentage low all year round.

Daily Macro Split: 45% Protein, 40% Carbohydrate, 15% Fat.

Here’s what Florian typically eats during a day, tailored to his work and training.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • I start the day with 500g soy yogurt mixed with 1 scoop Choko Peanut Pure Whey Protein Powder ™.
  • I also mix some fruit in: 1 sliced ​​apple and 3 strawberries.
  • I like to get my vitamin and mineral bases covered, so I also mix Complete Greens ™ in some juice.

Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • For lunch, I eat 200g of tofu and 200g of brown rice (dry weight).
  • On top there is tomato sauce with oregano and maybe a little Active Seasonings ™ – for example garlic & herb or mixed.
  • In addition, I eat broccoli and asparagus.

Florian Bornschier Eating Plan


  • I eat something easy, fast and nutritious, such as 400g cottage cheese with a scoop of Chocolate  Casein Protein Powder . The natural casein from the cottage cheese, combined with the casein from the protein powder, is absorbed slowly so that my muscles are nourished all evening and night.
  • I add some cinnamon, partly for the sake of taste, but also for its ability to regulate blood sugar and a khaki fruit (for extra vitamin C) and some sliced ​​strawberries.

11092015-eatingplan snacks


Alex Brechtl Eating Plan


  • ELEVATE Pre-Workout ™ is my favorite pre-workout. Since I started using it, I have not used others. The new Cherry Coke flavor is ingenious.
  • I usually also take 5g of  Creatine HCL . I have tried many different creatines, but HCL typically works best for me.

Florian Bornschier Eating Plan




  • Easy and simple: 2 scoops Rice protein powder!


As you can see from Florian’s diet plan, the majority of his calories come from protein and carbohydrate. Lunch tends to be the biggest meal of the day, while breakfast and dinner are a little lighter. In the evening, Florian likes to cover himself completely with protein sources that are broken down slowly, which in this case is achieved with casein from cottage cheese and protein powder. He gets further boosted vitamins and minerals by adding Complete Greens ™ in the morning.

When he feels the need, Florian Omega 3 takes Fish Oil to help with general well-being and recovery.

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