4 of the Best Tricep Exercises

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As a bigger pair of arms always seems to be the goal let’s take a quick look at training the triceps. The tricep is made up of three muscles making up a larger portion of the arm vs the biceps so to create a massive pair of arms, tricep growth is essential. We are going to focus on training the tricep through its whole range. To do this not only must we ensure we complete a full movement at the elbow in each movement but we must also vary the angle of the shoulder for each separate exercise. So with this in mind let’s begin!

Exercise 1

Close grip barbell bench press

4 x 8 (90-120s rest)

It’s always good to start with the bigger compound movements to get the triceps turned on and ready to grow.

Lie on a flat bench and grip the bar at shoulder width (no wider and no closer). Lower the bar to chest while keeping your elbows reasonably tight to your sides. Note that the bar will come lower down your chest than a normal bench press. From here drive up along a nice straight path to the starting position ensuring your elbows remain tight and do not flare them!

Exercise 2

Weighted Tricep dips

4 x 8 (90-120s rest)

When performing tricep dips shoulder stability is key. Ensure you lock your shoulder back and down and keep them in this position. When fully stabilised begin the movement by descending under control until you elbow reaches at least 90 degrees or below (or as long as you can maintain shoulder stability). From here drive up keeping your elbows on a nice tight path and not straying too far from the side of the body.

Exercise 3

Rope cable extensions

3 x 12 (45s-60s rest)

Since this is more of an isolation vs the above stabilising the entire body and shoulder is key here to ensure all tension is placed on the triceps. Lock the core nice and tight and set your shoulders while leaning forward slightly in order to make space for the movement. Start with your elbow bent and squeeze the biceps to make sure you start from full range of the elbow. From here, straighten the arm and squeeze the arm straight. Repeat this and try and keep the tension and focus on the tricep through the entire movement.

Exercise 4

Overhead rope extensions

3 x 12 (45s-60s rest)

Set it up much the same way as before by ensuring you stabilise the core and the shoulders. The only difference here, is you will be standing nice and tall and your elbows will be pointing to the ceiling. The cable should be set up from low to high and before you start the movement make sure your elbows are not flared out too much. Now squeeze the biceps in the bottom of the movement to ensure a full stretch on the tricep. Note that in this position the tricep is fully lengthened so taking advantage of creating the greatest stretch possible is most beneficial. Yet again, aim to straighten the arm by moving the elbow and try your best to keep the shoulders and body set. Repeat and enjoy the burn!

After completing all these exercises, you will have covered all bases of loading the triceps and training them through a complete range. Enjoy the pump and make sure you feed them to help them grow!

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