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Bulgarian Method

Implementation Of Bulgarian Method

In a previous article, we reviewed the Bulgarian Method, the story behind it and why it works.

But one is the story, something else is how one can actually use it as quite an ordinary mortal promise. One can also reap the benefits of the program even if one is not a professional government employee weightlifter behind the Iron Curtain.

Here Mikkel continues his article on the Bulgarian Method:

You can put a program together in many different ways, I chose to implement HIHF training in a 3 split (PUSH / PULL / LEGS). I have chosen to show how to incorporate 2 exercises which is a squat variant and pressure variant.

Day 1 – Push

  • Squat daily minimum x1
  • Press daily max x1 then -15% 2-3×5-8 and finally -10% 1xAMRAP
  • DB bench or dips
  • 2-3 accessory lifts for eg triceps

Day 2 – pull

  • Squat daily max x1
  • Pressure daily minimum x1
  • Rackpulls 3-5×3-8
  • Row variant 2-5×8-15
  • Accessory lifting, could be biceps, facepulls etc.

Day 3 – Legs

  • Squat daily max x1 then -15% 2-3×5-8 and finally -10% 1xAMRAP
  • Pressure daily max x1
  • Leg press 3-4×8-12
  • Unilateral exercise 2-3×10-15
  • Possibly. pleats

Day 4 – Push

  • Pull daily minimum x1
  • Press daily max x1 then -25% 3-5×8-10
  • DB shoulder press or DB bench (by focus) 2-4×6-12
  • Lateral Raise 3-5×10-20
  • Accessory (triceps)

Day 5 – Pull

  • Squat Daily max x1
  • Pressure daily minimum x1
  • Vertical pull (pullups, pulldowns, chinups) 2-5×8-15
  • Row variant 2-5×8-15
  • Accesories (Biceps)

Day 6 – Legs

  • Squat daily max x1 then -25% 3-5×8-10
  • Pressure daily minimum x1
  • Back chain exercise (RDL, goodmornings, etc.) 2-5×8-15
  • Leg curls 2-5×8-15
  • Possibly. pleats

Jeg har valgt en opsætning som har fokus på hypertrofi, er dette ikke tilfældet tilpasser man blot volumen i støtteøvelserne. Ethvert andet slip kunne selvfølgelig også fungere, dette er blot et eksempel på hvordan man kunne stille det op.


Anvendt som en langsigtet træningsform adskiller HIHF sig ikke særligt meget fra andre succesfulde træningsprogrammer, HIHF fordeler bare den ugentlige træningsstress mere over ugens dage, der er intet magisk ved det daglige max.

Alle daglige max skal udføres med god teknik, intet grind og uden stimuli.

Løftet skal udføres 4-7 gange i ugen og det kan anbefales langsomt at opbygge ens work capacity

Fremgang observeres bedst ved at observeres om ens daglige minimum stiger.

Er fremgangen stoppet – tilføj flere back-off set.

Egen erfaring

I have run a 4 week test in front squat to feel on my own body how it feels to train like this, as well as to increase focus on my leg strength again after 1 year with a lot of focus on gymnastics, handstand and agility. I have previously trained with high frequency, this meant that the extremely high frequency was something I knew about.

during the 4 weeks I increased my daily minimum by 15 kg. however, the main difference was that I felt far more comfortable under the bar when the intensity approached my 1rm.

I hope the article has made you want to experiment a bit with this form of exercise 🙂

Mikkel Petersen is 22 years old and studies to be a daily physiotherapist in Esbjerg. He spends the rest of his time training alternative approaches to training , calisthenics and gymnastics.

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