Capping Kit

Capping Kit

Capping Kit

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As low as €26.49
Make your own capsules
Create your own unique formulas
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What is a Capping Kit?

BULK POWDERS™ Capping Kits, also known as capsule filling machines, are manufactured by Cap-M-Quik® and are the ideal way to save money on your supplements - enabling you to cap your own products, when used in conjunction with our empty capsules. Not only is using a capping kit cost effective, but it enables you to completely customise your own supplements and avoids the taste issues associated with some of our BULK POWDERS™.

Each of our capping kits is designed to be used with the corresponding size of empty capsules. Please note that the empty capsules do not come with the capping kit, so they need to be purchased separately (available as Gelatin Capsules and Vegetarian Capsules).

Size 0 capsules are intended to be used with a Size 0 capping kit.

Size 00 Capsules are intended to be used with a Size 00 capping kit.

Each capping kit contains a Cap-M-Quik filling machine, a Cap-M-Quik tamper and a Cap-M-Quik spreading card. Full instructions on how to use the kit are also included.

Using a capping kit enables you to fill up to 50 capsules at a time and after some practice the entire process should only take around 10 minutes!

Why use a Capping Kit?

There are many reasons to use a capping kit, including:

  • Save up to 70% on pre-encapsulated supplements by doing the work yourself.
  • Create your own formulas by combining multiple powders.
  • Know exactly what is going in to your product.
  • Customise dosages to your exact requirements.
  • No need to add unnecessary binders and fillers.
  • Avoid bad-tasting powders by capping them yourself.

What size capping kit do I need?

The size capping kit you require depends on the size empty capsules you intend on using. As a general guide, in our own testing we have found that:

  • Size 1 gelatin and vegetarian capsules will generally hold between 200mg and 500mg of powder.
  • Size 0 gelatin and vegetarian capsules will generally hold between 400mg and 800mg of powder.
  • Size 00 gelatin and vegetarian capsules will generally hold between 550mg and 1100mg of powder.
Disclaimer: Implied results may vary. Individuals will respond differently. Implied results assume an appropriate nutrition and training plan.
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