Exercise Without Visiting The Gym

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Don’t fancy facing the gym at peak times? You don’t need to!

Summer & the gym don’t always mix. If you’re frustrated with the crowds at your regular gym, or if you’re a gym newbie who wants to wait until the rush dies down… you need to read this.

The fact is, there are plenty of ways to get fitter, burn calories, and close in on your goals without going to the gym at all. The gym will always be there, so if you want to venture back next month then no harm done. Here are 5 of our favourite ways to exercise – no gym required.


Clear the living room and shift the sofa over a bit – it’s time for a home workout. Gone are the days when you needed to buy an expensive workout DVD if you wanted to exercise at home. In 2018 we’re spoiled for choice, with workouts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Your favourite fitness personality probably even sends out workouts via email! Whether you want to do calisthenics, dance workouts, or interval training at home, you’ll be able to find an online session.

Pros: easy to fit in around studying, family, or shift work

Cons: you’ll need an extra level of motivation to work hard


Invest in a few simple bits of workout kit and you can put together a circuit that will burn calories, increase your CV fitness, and build muscle mass. Choose your kit based on exercise preferences, budget, and how much space you have. Great ideas include kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, a skipping rope, a pull-up bar, or a Bulgarian bag.

Pros: create your ideal bespoke workout and have kit for life

Cons: you’ll need the budget and the space to store the kit


Could 2018 be the year you take up a new sport – or revisit one you used to love? There are adult sports teams for almost every sport – check your local sports centre or try good old Google to get started. You could start with a taster session or short introductory course, or sign up to the team if you know what you want!

Pros: learn a new skill, make friends, and make it social

Cons: there will be a cost involved, and you’ll need to fit with club training dates


Bootcamp circuit style classes are one of the best ways to get fit and shape up without a gym. Most boot camps are held outdoors, but some will head inside during the worst of the weather. Expect interval training, bodyweight exercises, and plenty of fun. Every session will be different!

Pros: social, friendly, and so much fun you won’t notice getting fit!

Cons: you’ll have to brave the elements (but it’s worth it!)


Wherever you live, you can use the great outdoors to support your fitness goals. Walk, run, hike, ride your bike, or get even more niche and take to the water. There are so many ways to get fit outdoors, and you can take it as slowly as you want. Outdoor exercise is also a brilliant way to manage your mental health.

Pros: work to your own level, go whenever you want

Cons: the British weather!

What’s your favourite non-gym way to exercise?

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