Pure Whey Protein ™ Vs Informed Whey ®?

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Pure Whey Protein™ and INFORMED WHEY®

Both are very similar products in the fact that they both offer 100% whey protein with no additional fat or carbohydrates added to the mix – the only carbohydrates come from the lactose derived from the whey.

But what are the differences?

INFORMED WHEY® Pure Whey Protein™
Source of protein mTOR Whey Complex – Whey Protein Isolate (65%) and Whey Protein Concentrate (35%) 100% Whey Protein Concentrate
Protein per serving 24.3g 22.5g – 24.2g (depending on flavour)
Added carbs NO NO
Informed Sport approved YES NO
Added active ingredients 5g Leucine and 3g Glutamine Peptides NONE
Added probiotics YES NO
Added digestive enzymes YES NO

If you are looking for protein powder with nothing added to it, Pure Whey Protein™ is your best choice. It is available in over 15 great flavours and provides 24g of protein per serving.

INFORMED WHEY® – as the name suggests – is part of the Pro Series™ range, meaning it is Informed Sport approved for athletes.

It also has additional active ingredients:

  • Leucine and Glutamine which are essential amino acids that are important after intense exercise
  • Digestive enzymes in the form of DigeZyme®
  • Probiotics in the form of Lactospore®
  • The unique mTOR Whey Complex offers guaranteed 81% protein and boasts an excellent amino acid profile

So to summarise, if you are looking for a pure source of protein that you will add to your foods, shakes or simply consume after exercise, Pure Whey Protein™ is the one.

If you want something that will offer that little bit more as well as being batch tested then you may want to go for INFORMED WHEY®.

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