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Spider Smoothie Bowl Halloween Recipe

Spiderwed Smoothie Bowl Halloween Recipe | BulkPowders® Core
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It may look like a trick, but get ready for a real treat with this Spider Smoothie Bowl Halloween Recipe.


1.) Add all ingredients into your high speed blender or bullet, and pour into a bowl. Add a little more milk if your smoothie is still frozen and not mixing too well. (Some blenders may work better than others).

2.) Mix yoghurt and protein powders to get a thicker consistency, squeeze into a disposable piping bag, cut off the tip and make circle shapes ranging from a dot  in the middle to larger (imagine a dart board).

3.)Then, with the tip of a sharp knife, make lines from the centre out to the edge of the bowl, to make the ‘spiderweb’ shape.

Yields 1 bowl.


Spiderweb Smoothie Bowl Halloween Recipe | BulkPowders® Core


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Calories – 351

Protein – 21.1kg

Fats – 3.2g

Carbs – 64.2g

Author: The Muscle Bakery


200g Frozen Blueberries or Cherries

1/4 Cup Milk of Choice

1 Tbsp Agave

1/2 Scoop Whey Protein*

2 Tbsp Greek Yoghurt (or soy yoghurt)

1 Tbsp Vanilla Casein (or Soya Protein)

* Can use any preferred protein powder