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Vegan Rocky Road Recipe

Vegan Fridge Rocky Road Recipe Cake | BULKPOWDERS® Core
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For all the chocoholics out there… in just three simple steps, you can make your own Vegan Rocky Road Cake.


1.) Gently melt the cacao buttons in the microwave. Stir in the honey and coconut oil and microwave on low heat for 20 seconds. Mix to get a smooth glossy mixture.

2) Stir in the protein powder followed by the crushed biscuits, rice krispies and dried cranberries.

3) Transfer to a small silicone mould, press down and smooth the top before leaving to set in the fridge.


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MACROS (for 1 of 6)

Calories – 141

Protein – 3.6g

Carbs – 17g

Fats – 7g

Author: Hebe Burton


50g Cacao Buttons

50g Maple Syrup

2 tsp Coconut Oil

4 tsp Complete Vegan Blend™ Chocolate Peanut

25g Biscuits, crushed

10g Rice Krispies

20g Dried Cranberries or Goji Berries