5 Supplements, die du probieren solltest

5 Supplements, die du probieren solltest
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If you train a lot and regularly, you are probably also familiar with the advantages of various supplements, such as whey protein, fish oil and vitamin D. But what about the lesser known supplements? Supplements that can help you burn more calories, exercise harder, and build even more muscle?


A healthy digestive tract is important for your body. Healthy digestion means that your body can absorb more nutrients from food and digest protein and carbohydrates more easily. Our Complete Probiotic contains a variety of probiotics that are good for gut health and reduce oxidative stress.

What is inside?

Our Complete Probiotic contains 5 types of probiotics and provides almost 8 billion colony-forming units (CFU) per day as well as 3 digestive enzymes.

You should take it if:

  • you build muscle and eat a lot,
  • you have bloating or indigestion every now and then,
  • you want to optimize your gut health.


Cissus Quadrangularis is a relatively new supplement, but the ingredients have been used in ancient cultures for Ayurvedic medical approaches. Current research shows that this antioxidant has antiviral properties, facilitates recovery after exercise and supports good joint health in the long term.

What is inside?

The cissus plant is commonly known as the Veld grape and contains plant sterols called ketosterones. Cissus is obtained through a patented extraction process in which only the essential active ingredients for the promotion of healthy joints, ligaments and tendons are removed. The extract contains 11% ketosterone, the optimal amount to effectively support the joints.

You should take it if:

  • you want to keep your body healthy,
  • you want to increase general well-being,
  • you want to better recover from training.


Another interesting herbal antioxidant, about which there are more and more interesting studies, is resveratrol . Resveratrol is a natural plant phenol that has a health-promoting and performance-enhancing effect. Resveratrol offers promising anti-aging properties and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

What is inside?

Resveratrol is made from Japanese knotweed, but it’s also a natural part of grapes and wine. The most important thing in a resveratrol preparation is the purity and dosage – with an incredible 99% trans-resveratrol, our product has a significantly higher dosage than comparable products.

You should take it if:

  • you want to reduce inflammation,
  • you are interested in plant antioxidants,
  • you want to increase general well-being.

# 4 Cinnamon extract powder

Cinnamon is already a fitness fan favorite – why don’t you use cinnamon extract ? Cinnamon extract has a high content of terpenoids (much more concentrated than normal cinnamon powder) and our cinnamon extract powder has a market leading 30: 1 ratio!

What is inside?

Cinnamon extract is obtained from the oils of the inner bark of the Cinnamomum Cassia tree. Our powder consists of 100% cinnamon bark extract powder in an extract ratio of 30: 1.

You should take it if:

  • you like cinnamon
  • you want to experiment a little with new ingredients for your shakes, smoothies or oatmeal,
  • you want to naturally balance and regulate blood sugar levels.


Tetradecylthioacetic acid, or TTA for short, is a relatively new supplement that has a positive effect on fat loss and contributes to diet support. TTA is able to burn fat without losing muscle. As with any fat burner, this product isn’t a miracle cure unless you control your calorie intake. But if you monitor your diet, it could be the last piece of your diet puzzle!

What is inside?

TTA is a fatty acid (but actually has no calorie value), which can support fat burning, has an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system and has a strong antioxidant effect.

You should take it if:

  • you aim to slim down and maintain muscle mass,
  • you are already in control of your diet,
  • you are looking for a fat-burning product that is not a stimulant.

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