A Right Cracking Easter

To most of us, Easter Sunday means: chocolate, nap, snack, repeat. Swiftly followed by a day of guilt-eating celery and kicking yourself for eating a whole Easter egg in record time.

But what if this year, we make a promise to let go of the guilt?

Here at BULK POWDERS, we’re making a vow to enjoy Easter Sunday wholeheartedly. To savour every. single. bite. of chocolate we’re lucky enough to have and to go for a jog the next day because we want to, not because we feel pressured to. And we want you to join us in the pledge to be a little easier on ourselves this Easter.

Can’t do it? We’ve got you. Our limited-edition Macro Munch Easter Egg is made from sugar-free dark chocolate and comes with two Macro Munch bars – so you can snack the day away and still get that punch of protein.

However you decide to spend the day, whether with friends, family or your PT, share the love (and your Macro Munch) with someone you love this Easter.

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