White Chocolate & Maca Protein Truffles

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White chocolate & maca protein truffles need no introduction. The picture says it all. These are fantastic tasting high-protein, low carb treats, plus they are gluten, wheat and sugar free!


1.) Firstly, melt your coconut oil, agave and cashew butter. You can do this in a pan or if you’re impatient, in the microwave.

2.) Once all the coconut oil has melted and your cashew butter softened, whisk both together in a bowl to make sure it is all blended up nicely.

3.) Proceed to add the Pure Whey Protein™ (White Chocolate), powdered peanut butter and tbsp. of water until you end up with a mixture that is easily roll-able and does not stick to the sides of the bowl.

4.) Roll into balls and stick them in freezer while you prepare the coating.

5.) Melt your cacao butter and stevia, again in pan or microwave, up until it has completely melted. Then, add the whey and maca powder and whisk until completely blended together.

6.) Place in fridge for half an hour or so, while you keep stirring it. (It has to thicken up enough to use as a coating where it will stay on the balls rather than everywhere else!)

7.) Once your cacao mix has thickened up a bit, take your truffle fillings and start coating them. Make sure you have some non-stick paper or a silicone mat, then place them back in freezer until the coating has hardened (which happens fairly quick) Then, proceed to enjoy with your favourite cup of coffee. Blissful!



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