Black Friday 2017 BULK POWDERS®

One more year at BULK POWDERS® we want to join the Black Friday offers so we already have all the promotions ready for the occasion.

But first, for those who do not know, we are going to talk about a bit of history and later, we will recommend 10 products that you cannot miss on Black Friday !

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday on the calendar is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday of November, therefore Black Friday is always the last Friday of November. Easy to remember!

What products can’t you miss on Black Friday ?

We have asked our Bulk Powders Athletes to recommend what products you cannot miss on Black Friday. 

On Black Friday , it’s time to do good business taking advantage of the best discounts and especially trying new supplements. There is no need to wait for the January sales.

Chloe’s Top 5 :

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Probiotics : They must be consumedregularly throughout the year so that when we enter the winter period we are covered. Probiotics can remake our flora (intestinal, ENT, vaginal): that is, we return all the bacteria necessary for the proper functioning of our body, which are in our mucous membranes. When these bacteria are destroyed (fatigue, stress, cold, operation, antibiotics) our body is weakened and health problems can arise: disease, fungi, etc. Probiotics are there to strengthen our immune defenses, allow good digestion and a good functioning of the body.

Omega 3 : It is the only dietary supplement that I take every day, throughout the year. Omega 3 are unsaturated fatty acids that are excellent for our health: mood regulators, cardiovascular protectors, anti-inflammatories, anti-cellulite, promote sleep and concentration … Supplementing with omega 3 becomes almost mandatory due to the current diet, which is mainly omega 6 and very little omega 3.

Vitamin C : I add vitamin C as a cure: for example, during the dry period when I eat less fruit or in winter to increase my immune defenses. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that fights cellular aging, but also fights against body fatigue. Vitamin C overdose cannot exist. Vitamin C is great for skin, hair, and nails, but also for stress, fatigue, and energy.

Complete Vegan Mix : I’ve been eating this vegan mix for 2 years! Not like lactose and very few animal products, I wanted to move towards a healthy, complete, low-carb vegetable protein, and that allows me to easily reach the daily amount of protein! I dilute it with water or vegetable milk.

Yann’s Top 5 :

sports supplements

It is difficult to talk about bodybuilding and look for muscle growth without mentioning dietary supplements. A healthy and balanced diet, combined with physical activity, should, in theory, be enough. But in reality, it is difficult to manage the entire diet by going through only a balanced and solid diet. You will soon face the need to overcome this or that deficiency, or you will increase your protein, carbohydrate, and lipid dosage to increase your muscle growth. Food supplements are the perfect solution to achieve your goals. That is why I selected for you, 5 accessories that you should not miss for Black Friday.

Sport multi AM: PM  Vitamins are essential for many processes in the human body. By having the right amount of vitamins, it will allow your body to function optimally. Thus, it will optimize muscle gain and fat loss. Multivitamin complexes provide the correct dosages for all vitamins, without the need to add them. When: Take 2 morning capsules (white) with breakfast and 2 evening capsules (black) with dinner.

ZMA : Mix of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. These are two very important minerals. Zinc will come into play in testosterone secretion and magnesium will help you improve your recovery. When: 3 capsules a day for men, 2 capsules for women preferably on an empty stomach, 60 minutes before bed. For best results, do not take in conjunction with dairy products and / or products containing calcium.

Whey Protein : Your body needs a lot of protein every day. This is essential for the development of your muscle growth. It is unlikely that you can achieve this amount with just turkey and chicken. Whey protein is ideal for its concentration and faster digestion. When: Mix 1 part (about 30 g) of whey protein with 200 ml of water. Consume 1 to 5 servings per day, depending on your protein needs.

PROM3GA : Omega 3s are essential for the proper functioning of our nervous system, among other things. They will also increase the ability to use fats to provide energy. They allow the body to recover better and improve heart health by lowering the rate of bad cholesterol. PROMEGA is also made up of vitamin D. Good levels of vitamin D are important for the development of muscle mass and strength, and play a vital role in the synthesis of muscle proteins. When: Take 1 capsule, 3 times a day, preferably during meals. 

Creatine : Your muscles to work will use various energy substrates, including ATP. This creatine supplement will allow you to maximize your muscle reserves to be stronger at short-term intensities. When: Mix 1 measure without sugar (approximately 5 g) with 100 ml of water or with a pre-workout or post-workout drink.

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