¿Por qué deberías ir a por los Alimentos Orgánicos?


To label a food organic, organic farmers must adhere to very strict guidelines. The objective of organic production is to produce food in the most natural way possible. This means ensuring high levels of animal welfare and avoiding the use of chemicals such as pesticides, artificial herbicides, or artificial fertilizers. The highest levels of animal welfare must be maintained and livestock should not be subject to growth hormones or severe conditions.

There is also a real focus on ensuring that food is produced sustainably. All organic certified farmers and food producers are inspected at least once a year to ensure they meet certified organic standards applied by European legislation.


Organically grown foods are suggested to contain more nutrients and less nitrates. The “British Journal of Nutrition” reported on a research project on organic food, which found that there was a significant difference in nutritional value compared to food grown using non-organic methods. The study was conducted in 2014 by scientists at Newcastle University and the results showed that organic crops contained up to 60% more antioxidants than cultivated non-organic foods. Additionally, the study revealed that organic meat and milk contain about 50% more omega-3 fatty acids , which are essential for normal body function.

Professor Carlo Leifert of Newcastle University concluded that the study had shown that “organic foods are rich in antioxidants and less in toxic metals and pesticides.” The study mentioned above suggests that there is a nutritional difference between organic and non-organic foods. By choosing organic foods more regularly in your diet, you will be able to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals from non-organic foods, which occurs through growing methods that are highly dependent on the use of pesticides.


Organic products are more expensive, but why is this? Organic farming takes more time and strict regulations mean that farmers generally produce less food. The fact is that organic farming simply does not produce the same volume of food as non-organic methods. The time needed to grow food is also much longer. Organic production cannot rely on chemicals widely used in non-organic agriculture to improve the growth rate of crops. Organic farmers must rely on more natural methods, which do not always guarantee the same massive scale of successful cultivation.

The same principle applies to meat production. Livestock must have access to open spaces, must be fed natural food and cannot receive growth hormones. This essentially means that less food is produced, but the quality of the meat is better and by buying organic products you know that you are supporting the welfare of the animals.


BULK POWDERS® has a range of products that have been organically certified by the Soil Association. For products to be organically certified they must meet a series of strict rules and regulations. The Soil Association verifies all aspects of food production, including how food is grown, collected, processed, packaged, transported, and sold to us as consumers. If you want to try some organic products for yourself, why not add one of the following recommendations to your next BULK POWDERS® order and try it yourself? Each product is made from 100% natural ingredients, which means there are no artificial colors or flavors.

Pure Whey Protein Organic ™ The whey protein in this product comes from grass-fed European cattle and provides an impressive 24 g of protein per 30 g serving.

Organic Real Grain Quinoa Quinoa is a very healthy food. Rich in protein, gluten-free, and contains all nine essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. It is also rich in various vitamins and minerals, as well as being rich in fiber. It is really easy to prepare and can make a great addition to your meal preparation.


This decision really comes down to personal choice. Without a doubt, there are benefits to choosing organic products instead of non-organic alternatives. The best thing to do is take a look at the full organic range of organic powders and organic foods . Try them out and tell us what you think. You will know that it is completely natural without artificial ingredients.


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