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One of the best ways to avoid the winter blues is staying active. No problem – if you’re reading this, training is your thing. But what about nutrition? Discover the secrets of using food and supplements to boost mood all winter.


If you suffer from low vitality, energy slumps, and feelings of lethargy during winter, try a gradual increase in slow release carbs from good healthy sources. We love sweet potatoes, natural rolled oats, rice, and superstar nutritional supplements like sweet potato powder, powdered maca, or tasty Protein Porridge. Tasty, nourishing and comforting!


Essential at any time of year, but particularly important during winter, healthy fats provide the body with omega 3s. Omega 3 fatty acids are used by the body to develop and retain healthy cells, hormones, brain function, skin and new tissue growth. They are even thought to help stave off depression and winter blues, by assisting the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Great sources of omega 3 fats are oily cold water fish, fish oils, flax seeds, walnuts and Complete Greens™.


We don’t need to convince you on the importance of protein. But did you know that it can help your weight, body fat levels and mood during winter? Taking in adequate amounts of protein for your musculature and activity levels will promote satiety, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Eat more protein to prevent the need to snack on sugary foods which will spike blood sugar and have a negative impact on your mood, leading to cravings and poor food choices. Get it from as many sources as possible: white meat, poultry, red meat including wild meats and game, fish and seafood, eggs, and protein powders including whey protein powder and vegan proteins like pea protein and brown rice protein.


Load up on the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients during winter to keep your body functioning at optimum levels. Pay particular attention to Vitamins C and D, the full range of B vitamins, and minerals zinc, magnesium and selenium. Choose a quality vitamin and mineral supplement, or get the correct dosage by selecting the individual supplements. In addition, nuts are a great source of many minerals, particularly selenium.


Stock up on these 10 must-have supplements to offset the winter blues and keep your mind and body functioning well in and out of the gym.

Sweet potato powder

Complete Protein Porridge™

Maca powder

Fish oil softgels

Flaxseed powder

Complete Greens™

Vitamin C tablets

Vitamin D3 tablets

B vitamin complex tablets

ZMA capsules or Optizinc

Immune support

Vitamins and minerals


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