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Luckily, BULK POWDERS® have you got you covered for the new year, with a fantastic range of training accessories. So, let’s have a look at what you could buy this new year as a fitness enthusiast.


When you are putting your all into a workout, it is only natural that you sweat and this can cause problems when it comes to gripping barbells, dumbbells and other objects. A strong grip means enhanced performance, especially when you are doing heavy lifts such as deadlifts or shrugs. When it is those last few reps that really make the difference, it is important to maintain a good, strong grip throughout your set.

In addition to weightlifting, liquid chalk also has its benefits across a number of sports where grip is important, such as rock climbing, racket sports and golf to name just a few.

Liquid Chalk has been formulated to help enhance grip over an extended period of time. It is quick to dry once applied meaning you can get straight into your chosen activity without having to wait around. Another benefit of liquid chalk is that it is not messy. This is certainly good news for your clothes and other gym goers!

Some liquid chalks are watered down to save on production costs, but BULK POWDERS® liquid chalk is manufactured to the highest quality with the main ingredient being magnesium carbonate. If you are struggling with your grip then why not give liquid chalk a go?


Grip strength refers to your ability to pull or suspend objects in your hand. There is a limit to your grip strength and this means that it can hold you back when weightlifting. There will be a point when you can no longer keep your fingers wrapped round the bar and at this point you have reached your grip strength limit.

The good news is, there are lifting straps! Applying lifting straps allows you to go beyond your grip strength limit, allowing you to perform more reps and more sets, with heavier weight. This will help you to push yourself further and with the right technique and nutrition, stimulate increased muscle growth.

BULK POWDERS® lifting straps are padded for additional comfort and are made from strong, high quality material to ensure they last. If you know someone who is aiming to break their PB on Deadlifts or Rows, then these should be in your gym bag.


Injuries are a fitness enthusiast’s worst nightmare. Depending on the severity, they can keep you out of the gym for days, weeks or even months, and are incredibly frustrating. It is a good idea to take precautions, such as spending time warming up before you exercise and also investing in equipment that can support your training.

Knee wraps are designed to offer support to your knees without restricting movement. When performing heavy squats your knees will come under pressure and knee wraps can offer the necessary support to keep them stable during the movement.

It is also important to protect your wrists, as they are involved in a number of movements in the gym. You have probably noticed that there isn’t much muscle around them and this means there is a risk of injury. Wrist wraps can support your wrist strength to ensure that your wrists remain secure whilst performing push or pull movements, reducing the risk of suffering sprains or strains.


Okay, so you may need a big stocking for this one, but it is definitely a worthwhile accessory. It is recommended that you drink at least, a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.If you are training regularly then you should be looking to drink more water than this to keep yourself hydrated.

half gallon water bottle (2.2 litres) will ensure that you are drinking enough each day. Just fill it up at the beginning of the day and make sure it is empty at the end. If you do not particularly enjoy the taste of water then why not add some Instant BCAA powder to add some flavour, as well as helping muscle recovery and growth.


Here’s an idea, why not turn that stocking into a gym bag, and pack a range of accessories inside. A gym bag is one of the most useful accessories to make sure that you have everything with you when you go to the gym.

The bag is highly durable, with twin handles and a detachable shoulder strap for ease of use. The large main compartment is ideal for all your gym items and there is even a convenient front zip pocket to put items that can be easily lost like your car keys or phone.


So, there you have it, a number of accessories, which are ideal for any fitness enthusiast this new year. Why not check out the full our range of gym accessories to find the perfect gift.



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