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“Your muscles get a really tight feeling like it could explode at any minute […] it feels fantastic”

The way Arnold Schwarzenegger describes the pump is a love letter to one of the most amazing, rewarding feelings you’ll experience in the gym.

While there are dozens of great feelings you can chase down – from personal bests in a tough lift to shaving seconds off of a mile time – the pump is the most famous. It’s also the one that is most commonly associated with physique training.

Today, you’re going to learn how Complete Pump Pre-Workout™ can enhance your performance and give you the best possible gym experience.

What is the Pump?

The pump is linked to cellular swelling: muscles become swollen due to the physical demands, chemical reactions, and delivery of nutrients. These are necessary to keep you going through a tough set – and they play a central role in a lot of workouts.

For many people, it’s used as a measure of how much work is necessary. If you’re wondering when you’ve done enough bicep curls to make a difference, you might just keep going until you’ve achieved a sick pump.

It’s a process where your muscles – and the cells that make them up – are filled with additional nutrients, water, and oxygen. The point is to keep them fuelled up, but it results in a great appearance, as well as a sign that at least something is going right.

Fortunately, there’s some science behind getting a great pump…

The Science: Why Maximising Your Pump Helps Build Muscle

The pump isn’t essential for building muscle: you can make plenty of gains without it. High-volume strength training – whether it’s using weights or gymnastic exercises – is how we build muscle.

Pushing your muscles to do more than they’ve done before, in terms of weight or total repetitions, is how muscle grows. However, it’s a complicated process with a lot of moving parts.

The pump is a great way of maximising muscle growth: the cellular swelling we mentioned above is closely tied to how your body decides to build more muscle.

In non-scientific terms, muscle protein signalling is how your muscles tell your body to send more nutrients, and what to do with them. Increasing the overall volume of muscle cells – as well as their hydration and nutrient-delivery – is a great way to maximise your gains after strength training.

So, if nothing else, we can say that everyone should get a great pump at the end of a training session. Because science.

What Makes the Complete Pump Pre-Workout™ Supplement?

A great pump pre-workout has to do a few simple things:

  1. Improve your actual workout – supporting muscle growth and strength gains
  2. Improve your pump – boosting how great you look and also improving muscle gains
  3. Provide good value, free from harmful ingredients

With a variety of low-quality supplements being flagged for illicit substances, it’s important to find reliable supplements. Informed sport and GMP-certified products offer complete peace of mind, covering #3 on our list.

Now it’s all about how Complete Pump Pre-Workout achieves the other two keys: making great gains, and getting a great pump…

Taurine: Mind and Muscles

Taurine is a key player in this type of pump-boosting supplement: it provides benefits to the nervous system and blood flow. This makes it a perfect compound for supporting great pumps while also supporting nerve membranes.

This provides support to your nervous system without leaning on stimulants – making it a great product for anyone at any time of day, or if you have a low caffeine tolerance.

Boosting Performance

This is key – you want to perform better physically, or a pre-workout isn’t doing its job! A ridiculous pump is one of those elements, but not the only one – Complete Pump Pre-Workout™ is about getting the real benefits.

Creatine can be taken at any time of the day to boost strength and strength-endurance (how many sets/reps you can do at a certain weight), but it is also great in a pre-workout. It boosts rehydration and helps shuttle carbs and water to the muscles when combined with Glycerol – another compound in the Complete Pump Pre-Workout™.

We use glycerol monostearate – an ingredient that boosts water-transport to the muscles – to maximise results. This is great for pre-workout hydration, but also helps you stay hydrated during a workout and boosts cell volume/swelling – the key to big pumps.

Amazing Pumps

If it doesn’t help you achieve great pumps, it’s just a regular pre-workout.

The best ingredients for the pump are nitric oxide boosters. These compounds help your body deliver more oxygen and other nutrients to muscle cells by widening the blood vessels.

This brings a huge boost to your pumps.

The arginine in your bloodstream is key but just consuming more arginine alone isn’t the best choice. L-Arginine is found in a lot of supplements, but it breaks down when you consume it, meaning less in your bloodstream.

AAKG is an alternative to L-Arginine with a far better absorption, providing a way of getting arginine levels up directly.

Citrulline is another superior alternative to L-Arginine: it converts to arginine in the body and provides a huge boost to the amount in your bloodstream (rather than the amount in your toilet bowl). This means a bigger pump, but it also means better recovery between sets, boosting your muscle growth in two ways!

You’ll also get two synergistic compounds with Arginine and Citrulline: Ornithine – a great compound for reducing fatigue – and high-quality nitrates from beetroot powder. These add in to the existing benefits, bringing even better pumps and keeping you going even longer.

Less fatigue + bigger pumps = better workouts and results

Responsible Pre-Workout: Complete Pump Pre-Workout™ Supports Wellbeing

There are ingredients in Complete Pump Pre-Workout™ that aren’t just about your pump or performance.

This is about keeping you healthy and supporting your everyday energy and wellbeing. Vitamin B6 and pine bark extracts support proper energy transfer and general wellness.

Final Thoughts

A great pump pre-workout supplement has to be a great pre-workout first and foremost.

There’s not much point getting a pre-workout if it’s not going to make you better when you get to the gym.

Finding balance between the two is key, but don’t forget that better workouts end with better pumps – Complete Pump Pre-Workout™ has to improve your results in both areas.

We’ve outlined the perfect supplement for these goals – and we think we’ve provided the best way to get a bigger pump. Look for reliability, performance, and a reliable product you can trust.

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