What is the best type of weight loss bundle?

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Fat Loss bundles/stacks are a great way to approach supplementation to aid your fat loss goal. Using a number of ingredients/products together can give you a synergistic effect, or allow you to target fat loss from a number of different angles.

A weight loss stack may also be extremely useful and complement some diets as opposed to others. It may also be worth looking at some healthy food swaps as part of your fat loss stack, to enable you to replace unhealthy or less beneficial foods with more functional foods.

Product/Ingredient Combinations

In my opinion, a great fat loss stack will target fat loss from a number of angles… not looking for one mechanism alone. This in turn will help to increase fat loss overall:

Increasing Metabolic Rate

– supplements such as Caffeine and Green Tea are great for increasing metabolic rate. This is increasing the overall number of calories you burn each day… which could theoretically put you in a calorie deficit, which over time will increase fat loss.

Using Fat as Energy Source

Carnitine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid and TTA are all great supplements for using fat as an energy source. CLA and TTA are both great for releasing fat from fat cells and/or preventing fat from being stored in fat cells. Whereas Carnitine is great for moving fat into the cell (mitochondria) to be used as energy – resulting in an overall increased fat metabolism.

Appetite Suppression

– when dieting, appetite can often lead you astray. Restricted calories and a lack of feeling “full” can make you crave certain foods, or can even lead to over eating. Glucomannan or Psyllium Husks Powder can be great supplements for boosting fibre intake and increasing sensations of fullness. In addition, DL Phenylalanine increases the release of dopamine, which in turn suppresses hunger.


– dieting can be very tough, leaving you feeling lethargic and even down. As such, a good weight loss stack will include products to help raise energy and mood. Caffeine is a great product to help keep you feeling energetic, and reduce sensations of tiredness. DL Phenylalanine (or L Tyrosine) is also great for enhancing mood – this is due to the release of dopamine and norepinephrine. Theanine may also be useful for improving mood, but when used in conjunction with Caffeine, can also improve focus.

Instead of looking to purchase supplements separately a good weight loss product may combine the majority of the ingredients together in one product, making it much more user friendly. CUTTING EDGE™ for example combines almost all of the above in one product.

Support your diet

Products can also help to support your current diet – for example, if you are on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, you can look to high fat products to support your diet and make it easier to increase your fat intake. Products such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Omega Oil Blend™ can be great additions to your arsenal and allow for an easily accessible source of fats that can be added to almost any meal or shake.

If you are not following a specific diet plan, but instead you are following a generally healthier lifestyle, with a reduced calorific intake – healthy swaps may be a great way to improve your diet. Perhaps swapping Sugar for a reduced calorie sweetener such as Sucralose or Stevia. Or, why not swap the Jam or Maple Syrup in your morning porridge for a Zero Calorie Syrup™. We even have a natural range of nut butters which are ideal replacements for supermarket brands which may be higher in salt and sugar. We even have a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, which is a fantastic replacement for Chocolate Spread.


Help you push through plateaus

Training is extremely important to getting results in weight loss. Training enables you to burn extra calories (in combination with a calorie controlled diet), whilst also allowing you to maintain lean body mass. If you can improve performance in those training sessions, you may be able to push yourself that little bit harder and burn those few extra calories.

Products such as Caffeine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate and Creatine may help to boost performance in the gym – allowing for greater overall results. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, training wise, using some of these supplements may help you to push through any plateaus and gain further results. You could also look to a product which combines a lot of these ingredients in one – such as ELEVATE™.

To conclude, there are a number of products that make a great inclusion in any weight loss stack. You can customise which aspects of dieting/weight loss you struggle with the most and make your personal weight loss stack.


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