Nieuwe Vegan Series™

Nieuwe Vegan Series Met GraceFitUK BULK POWDERS NL

We see that more and more people follow a plant-based diet, including many athletes, so we received more and more questions about a vegan range. You could already find some vegan items in our range, but we are now introducing our Vegan Series ™. This line consists of six products with either an improved recipe compared to the vegan products that you could already find with us, or they are completely new products. In addition, the packaging is compostable and recyclable to ensure durability.

The 6 products

The vegan range is composed by looking at the products that athletes with a plant-based diet have the most need for. We have developed and tested the recipe ourselves, and have come to the following products; Vegan Protein (Vegan Protein Powder ) , Vegan Protein Bars , Vegan BCAA , Vegan Mass Gainer , Vegan All-in-One and Vitamin D2 1000 IU . All products are gluten and dairy free and contain only natural fragrances, colors and flavors.

Often vegan supplements are offered for a premium price and you have to sacrifice on the taste or texture. That is now a thing of the past, we have put a lot of effort into developing the best vegetable supplements. You can be sure to get the best quality, texture and flavor for the best price.

Expansion of BULK POWDERS® 

This new Vegan Series ™ complements the already existing range. Other lines include the Pure Series , Pro Series (for professional athletes and athletes), Complete Series , Active Foods ,  WMN®   and MACRO MUNCH ™.

In addition, we may also announce that GraceFitUK is now #TEAMBULK athlete and will represent the Vegan Series ™ with Lucy Watson .


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