Supplement-Routine eines Leistungssportlers

Supplement-Routine eines Leistungssportlers

by guest author  Nadja Pries

Some swear by supplements, others firmly believe that it can be done without. My opinion? As a competitive athlete, you try to optimize every small adjustment screw for the best possible overall performance and to get everything out of your own body. By „competitive athlete“ I mean not only the athletes who compete at a certain level, but all those who train with a performance concept! So all athletes who pursue a fixed goal, regardless of whether this is the next World Cup victory, participating in the first marathon or reaching the dream figure.

Nutrition is an extremely important factor in this regard – and associated dietary supplements. In my opinion, supplements play an important role in achieving the best possible performance and exhausting all possibilities! There are also numerous studies in which the supportive effect of certain preparations is proven.

Nevertheless, it is very important to me to keep the sport „clean“. Prohibited substances are an absolute no-go. That’s why I also use a lot of products from the BULK POWDERS® Pro Series ™ , because I have the security of only eating tested and clean supplements and have absolutely nothing to fear during one of the regular anti-doping tests.

As the market for supplements is growing, this can be very confusing at times. Therefore I would like to give you a little insight into my current personal routine on a normal training day. I would also like to say that this is not a general guide and is based solely on my personal research and experience from recent years.

Walk after getting up or before going to sleep

  • SPORTS MULTI AM: PM ™ : This is a vitamin and mineral complex that has been specially tailored to the needs of athletes and is of extremely high quality.

Pre workout shake

  • Instant BCAA : important for good muscle care and has a regenerative effect
  • Citrulline : prevents muscle fatigue and increases strength
  • Arginine : promotes blood circulation and muscle regeneration
  • Beta-Alanine : By delaying the acidification in the muscles, the endurance can be increased

If you have to go fast or I’m traveling, I also like to take the Elevate Shake (Pro Series), to which I then only add creatine.

On intensive training days during training or during competitions

  • Endure ™ : This can be used to counteract a drop in performance at the end of intensive training or during a long day of competition. It mainly contains easily digestible carbohydrates (Vitargo® S2) and proteins. Many athletes have problems digesting certain carbohydrates well during exercise. This includes, for example, fructose, which is included in almost all conventional sports drinks! Vitargo, on the other hand, is very digestible and does not lead to an uncomfortable feeling during sports.

Post workout shake

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