CrossFit- Pasión y Vida – Entrevista Atletas BULK POWDERS®

Crossfit: a sport and a passion for our BULK POWDERS® Athletes Dani and Bea

Dani and Bea have a passion that unites them even more: CrossFit, we asked them what motivated them to practically dedicate their lives to Cross Fit. And this they have told us …

For Bea, CrossFit “started as a reason to move and became my life, my work and my passion. Sharing that feeling with others. That is the heart of crossfit, the community.” Dani tells us that he always liked action sports like martial arts and OCR, but also barbell exercises, so when he discovered CrossFit it was love at first sight. The constant motivation and eagerness to achieve new goals is Dani’s motivation with sports.

How do you prepare for training in terms of training methodology, food?

Bea: I always try to go without haste, without stress. Training is a moment for me, to disconnect, to improve. I always try to eat an hour or two before to be able to train efficiently.

Dani: Hard training, food and rest are equally important. When one of them is missing you get lame, it costs twice as much to reach the target.

What is your motivation to overcome the physical and mental barriers that you must overcome in the world of sports?

Bea: My motivation is me, improving myself every day and saying NO to NO is my biggest battle.

Dani: “HARD WORK PAYS OFF” (hard work pays off)

What do you think is the right sport to get out of a sedentary life?

Bea: Any sport is suitable to get out of a sedentary life. Any sport has phases and levels that all of us have gone through, even Rafa Nadal started without knowing how to take a racket. And another tip, patience to see the results, patience and perseverance.

Dani: For any person, the ideal sport is one that makes you feel good, that excites you, that motivates you to continue, that helps you and gives you life.

What diet or diet do you follow to have so much strength on a daily basis?

Bea: Food is essential and essential. My diet is not strict at all, I can eat everything as long as I meet daily calories that allow me to perform in my training and in my day to day.

Dani: I try to have a diet that is as clean as possible, with bio foods and more appropriate to the intensity of my workouts.

Your must-have BULK POWDERS®️ products

Bea: Creatine, of course?. Another must-have would be cinnamon bagels and cookie and cream MACRO MUNCH ™ .

Dani: For a great intensity, a good pre-workout like Elevate Zero , a good recuperator like the best Informed Whey protein and Pure Creatine for optimal muscle growth.

We are close to 2019 … your next challenges?

Bea: Next year I hope, first of all, to qualify but to get to the podium of one of the most demanding competitions in Spain “The Mediterranean Games” and above all to continue growing as an athlete and aim higher each year.

Dani: The goal is to always aim higher, raise the level of my competitions and participate in the most important in Europe.


Thank you very much Dani and Bea for sharing your feelings for sport and CrossFit in particular!

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