Lately it is common to see a large number of brands launching different protein products specific to women and many of you ask us if we will continue that same trend. The answer is a quick and concise “no”. And we won’t if we don’t feel it can be effective, because after all, protein is protein . Protein for women does not exist.

There are undoubtedly many women who practice sports and who could benefit from sports supplements. Like men, they could take a little extra protein to help the muscle in its recovery or some vitamins or minerals to complete possible deficiencies.

Taking Protein will not make you look like a man

There is a perception that if you take the same protein as men then you will end up looking like a man. This could not be further from reality!

It can be understood where this idea originated, since historically sports nutrition products have always been used by men who aspired to develop muscular bodies.

However, what is often confused is the type of training, calorie consumption, and hormonal difference between men and women.

Why is there no protein for women?

Realistically, an active woman should keep the same things in mind when choosing her protein drink:

  1. The quality of the product from which the protein is obtained
  2. Is it necessary to mix the protein? Or could it be the best whey protein?
  3. Protein percentage
  4. Flavor

None of the previous points are specific for men or for women (perhaps something could be argued regarding taste), therefore a specific protein product is not necessary for each gender, that is, whether it is male or female.

Something that could be different for women is the amount of protein to consume per day. For both men and women who exercise regularly, the recommended amount is 2g of protein for every pound of your body weight.

Generally, the mean indicates that women weigh less than men, so the daily protein intake should be lower. That is, what needs to be changed is the number of servings or the quantity of each, and not the product.

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Rachael, consumer of BULK POWDERS ™ products

Pink and pretty protein

Something all brands tend to do with women’s products is create aesthetically appealing (often pink) packaging items … and higher prices. The products themselves are no different, so there should be no additional cost simply because they are more attractive.

Brands trying to teach women the benefits of sport and following a balanced diet should be applauded. However, are pink wrappers necessary and increase the price? Whey protein for men is the same whey protein as for women, therefore the price should be the same.

What protein should I buy?

Take a look at the left column on this page and you will see some of our recommended flavored whey protein products.

If you want more information about whey protein or the different flavors available, click on the following links:


It is our best selling product!

  • 17 flavors from € 9.99 / 500g.
  • 77-82%  whey protein per 100g depending on flavor.
  • Low content of fats and carbohydrates.

>>  Pure Whey Protein ™
>>  Sample of Pure Whey Protein ™


Up to 90% protein per 100g. Recommended if you are lactose intolerant or want fewer carbohydrates than those contained in Pure Whey Protein ™.

>>  90% Pure Whey Protein Isolate ™


Contains ingredients focused on weight loss such as  Green TeaAcetyl L-Carnitine  and  Cla Powder Tonalin , CLA of superior quality. In addition, it also has Glucomannan  that helps suppress appetite, making it a very popular product.

>>  Advanced Complete Food Protein ™


Tested by the Informed Sport program, INFORMED WHEY ™ is among our Premium products within the Pro Series range. Its price is higher but it contains added probiotics and enzymes that promote digestion as well as Isolated Whey Protein. Available in 4 flavors, including Vanilla and Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies.


Which one?

If you are looking to tone, lose weight or maintain muscle, any of the products mentioned above are suitable. However, if it is the first time that you are going to take protein, we recommend that you start with Pure Whey Protein ™ .

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