Quando tomar os suplementos?

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When to take supplements?

We often hear that taking supplements at a certain time has better results, effects etc. What will really make you recover better or increase muscle mass is your daily diet. However, we are not saying that taking nutrients at a certain time has no place in promoting recovery and growth.


After-workout supplements are perhaps the most accepted when it comes to taking nutrients. Tests suggest that it is better to consume carbohydrates and proteins before and after exercise in order to maximize protein synthesis and suppress muscle breakdown. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consume amino acids or protein-based products before training and immediately after training to maximize muscle growth and recovery.


During training is another time when we can take advantage of certain nutrients. Carbohydrates, for example, when consumed during training (particularly in long workouts, more than 2 hours) can provide an additional source of energy, increasing your performance. The BCAAs are a fantastic addition when you’re training as they help to prevent rupture of the muscles. In 2009 Stoppani showed that BCAAs can increase lean mass, reduce fat and increase performance compared to Whey Protein or Carbohydrates.


You also hear a lot about taking supplements before training, especially those who want to increase their performance in the gym. But what do pre-workout supplements like Beta Alanine , Caffeine , Citrulline Malate , Arginine or Taurine do ? These supplements will help you fight fatigue, stay focused and improve blood flow.


Before going to bed you can also take advantage of supplementation. It would be a great advantage to consume a slow-digesting protein so that you do not fast while you sleep, in addition to ensuring that your muscles are gradually supplied with essential amino acids, which guarantees recovery and growth. You can use several or else a mixture already made by professionals and with the goal to take before going to bed as is the case with Bedtime Complete . To achieve a deeper and more relaxed sleep, you can consume ZMA , a unique combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 .


To help maximize muscle recovery and growth it is important to consider which nutrients you are going to take at the time of training. Consuming a protein shake 1 hour before training and another up to 30 minutes after training is ideal. We also recommend using pre-workouts 30 minutes before exercise.

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