The Running Edit: Nutrition and Stretching

When it comes to running, nutrition, warming up and cooling down are essential for keeping your performance in tip-to condition. What should you eat? How should you stretch? We asked BULK POWDERS athlete and adidas Runners captain, Sajeh Tavasolie, for much-needed answers.

How should I warm-up for a long run?

If you head out for a run first thing in the morning or straight from your desk, you’ve probably had that feeling of stiffness around your joints. That’s why your warm-up needs to mobilise your joints from head to toe. Try rotating your arms, knees and feet forwards and backwards ten times in both directions.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to bring up your heart rate for better blood flow around your body. Try dynamic exercises like jumping jacks and lunges.

What’s a great meal to eat before a run or should I not eat at all?

If you’re doing a long run, it’s important to fuel your body with carbs. Just make sure you leave at least 90 minutes between eating and running to give your body time to digest your food. A protein shake and banana on toast is a great option. On race day, think about carb-loading the night before you run; a big bowl of pasta is always a good choice.

Do I need to cool-down after a run?

The cool down is just as important as the warm up because it helps prevent muscle tightness the following day. Don’t go straight from running to stopping, instead, walk at a brisk pace for 3-5 minutes then stretch out.

What should I eat after a long run?

Your post-workout meal should include a good mix of protein and carbs. The protein helps rebuild muscle fibres and the carbs will replace the glycogen lost during your run. An all-in-one shake straight after your run that has both, like AFTERMATH or our Vegan All-In-One, are a great option and can help you feel less exhausted during recovery. Follow your shake with a meal containing wholefoods, chicken with rice or a jacket potato and a portion of vegetables.

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