Healthy & Happy Teil 2 – So klappt es mit der richtigen Ernährung für 2017


By Bulk Powders athlete and guest author Nadja Pries

Part 1 of the Healthy & Happy series – Here’s how to achieve your resolutions in 2017 .

By now, everyone who deals with health probably knows that not only does it involve a lot of exercise, but nutrition also plays an important role. Surely you have the saying „The six-pack is not created in the gym, but in the kitchen.“ heard. The saying is right! How is that possible? Because only a small percentage of body fat makes a six-pack visible. It is said that the percentage of visible abdominal muscles in women is 17-20% fat, in men 10-13% fat. The less% body fat percentage, the more visible the abdominal (and other) muscles become! But be careful: Especially with women, too little body fat is quickly no longer healthy. Then there may be disturbances in the hormonal balance and further complications.

One should keep in mind that a healthy diet is not primarily about losing weight. Because just because a person is slim does not mean that they are healthy and fit. The same applies, of course, the other way around. My attitude to being healthy: Give your body what it needs, what it was originally built for and feel comfortable with what you do!

What I mean in detail:

Man was made to move and not to sit at a desk. So give him the necessary balance through enough  exercise and sport . A lot of movement can also be easily integrated into everyday life.

Humans were NOT designed to feed on gummy bears, puddings or ready meals. That said, everything you eat should be made as naturally as possible and with as few unnecessary additives as possible.

Diets bring nothing in the long run. It is more important to find a lasting balance, as well as a nutritional style that is INDIVIDUALLY compatible and can be easily integrated into everyday life. Strict prohibitions and rules inevitably lead to the opposite in the long run – the well-known cravings.

Here are my tips for a good, simple and healthy diet:

1) Open your eyes! Read the ingredients on the back of the packaging and look for additives such as sugar, stabilizers, etc. Generally speaking, the shorter the list of ingredients, the better.

2) Try something new! There are so many good and healthy natural products that taste great and can be easily integrated into your meals. If you take a closer look at the supermarket shelves, you will now find a lot of them.

3) deal with the topic of nutrition! Learn what is good for your body, try new things, deal with various forms of nutrition.

4) Take your time to eat! It’s not about shoveling something in during lunch break, but about learning to enjoy the food again. This automatically makes you eat slower and more consciously. And that is good for the body.

5) Do it yourself! Doing it yourself is always better than buying it. You know what’s inside, where it comes from and how it was prepared. If you don’t have the time to cook something fresh every day, just prepare it on the weekend. Boiled rice, pasta, potatoes and chicken, fish and vegetables can be pre-cooked.

6) Simplicity is the key to healthy eating! Include a carb, protein and healthy fat source in every meal. Add a good vegetable side dish and you’re done! You can find tons of healthy food lists from each of these categories on the Internet.

7) Start the day with a good breakfast! I know that there are also opponents of this theory. It is a fact, however, that people who eat little and insufficiently during the day strike even more in the evening. And here we come to the next point:

8) Prepare your breakfast the night before! My personal tip: Overnight Oats! They can also be varied very well. With curd cheese , nuts , fruits , protein powder etc. There is a super smart low-carb alternative .

9) Always have a healthy snack ready! Often you do not eat unhealthy food because you are so keen on it, but because you are hungry and there is nothing else available than the baker with his many sweet pastries.

10) The rest comes all by itself! Of course, not every single approach has to be followed. Because there are actually no rules. It is only the principles that many people have now forgotten.

Stay happy & healthy, feel comfortable in your body and with what you do!

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