Harry Wilkinson

Along with 10 years’ experience with resistance training, Harry spent one year studying Sport & Exercise Sciences at University of Birmingham. Here he gained knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition and.. He switched to BA Philosophy, which is actually very useful when it comes to theorising why he spends multiple hours a week lifting a large weighted barbell off the ground. “I deadlift, therefore I am” is the current conclusion. Harry's passion for the various strands of fitness shine through in his content. Having worked at Gymshark, the Bodypower Expo and for numerous fitness professionals, he has strong knowledge of the industry and its culture, from bodybuilding all the way to Strongman. His active participation in the fitness community helps bring a fresh perspective on our content. Away from work, Harry is a keen follower of strongman and practises powerlifting training, always looking to improve his PBs in Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift.
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