This article is unconventional, but I didn’t want to miss out on sharing what I always ask for on the BULK POWDERS ™ page.

As a nutritionist and consumer of the brand, I am going to tell you about my favorites, their properties, and above all, how to use them in our day to day. Let’s start from the bottom up, and so we leave my last favorite.

# 5 – organic virgin coconut oil

It is one of my favorite oils, in addition to olive oil. Especially for its flavor, and in this case, I love that it is virgin and organic, that further ensures its good quality and properties.

This oil resists quite high cooking temperatures, due to its composition, it does not get to oxidize as fast as other oils would. However, we must remember that although it is resistant, the idea is not to cook with the maximum temperature either.

I usually use it for Indian dishes, as in curry, which is perfect and gives it a delicious touch. In desserts, I also really like the taste, and if it melts with dark chocolate, we have a nutritious, healthy, and rich combination.

# 4 – Flapjack Bars

The bars are products that I do not usually consume frequently, but without a doubt, when I have to choose some, these are the chosen ones. In particular, I do not like to promote the consumption of processed products, but these bars are the ideal complement for people who lead a fast, practical lifestyle, and do physical activity.

The ingredients are perfect for recovering our muscle, especially after intense exercises, since they have 21 grams of protein. This amount is ideal for promoting muscle growth. In addition, it is accompanied with good quality fiber, since it contains oats. This last ingredient makes them perfect allies for a pre-workout too.

# 3 – Organic Real Quinoa Grain

Quinoa, as I have already explained in another article, is one of the most complete foods available today. This pseudocereal does not only contain hydrates from a good source, but it also has an excellent quality protein profile. It contains all the essential amino acids.

This is not the only advantage, its flavor is so neutral, that we can make it with any type of accompaniment we want, and best of all, it absorbs the flavors of the condiments or sauces that we are going to use to prepare it. It is one of the most versatile foods that we can find.

In the recipe article with quinoa you can see how to prepare it, and with what to accompany it. However, I give you the fact that it works well with nuts and raisins, alone with broccoli and oil, and if you are more of sweets, you can make a divine porridge and loaded with nutrients.

# 2 – Goji berries

Goji berries are a quite popular superfood, and although it is not essential in our diet, consuming it provides us with a significant amount of nutrients. In the article about superfoods you can learn more about it.

They are an excellent source of vitamin C, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals. So I always try to include them in my breakfast, and even in salads they give an original, fun and delicious touch.

# 1 – peanut butter

My favorite par excellence, without a doubt. BULK POWDERS ™ butter is of the highest quality, and its only ingredient is peanuts. In addition, they come roasted, and this makes them better absorbed in our body, and we digest them better, therefore, we take better advantage of their nutrients.

The peanut contains good fats, protein and fiber. We can use it for a lot of preparations, both sweet and salty, and we will have a highly nutritious dish.

For example, in sauces, dressings, to make homemade and light desserts, in the oatmeal or cereal that we consume, and my favorite use without thinking twice is with whole wheat toast. If we accompany it with fruit, we will have a delicacy of flavors and textures.


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Author: Victoria Lozada, Nutritionist Dietitian, and studied a Master in Eating Disorders and Obesity at the European University of Madrid. Currently, she improves the health and quality of life of her patients through online counseling. Through her social networks, she shows that leading a healthy lifestyle does not mean being bored or falling into routine. In addition, it promotes healthy eating, without obsessions, always using quality ingredients and food.

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