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At BULK POWDERS ™ we are proud of our product development process and of always being at the forefront of Sports Nutrition innovation .

This does not mean removing previous products from our range, however, we believe that it is necessary to review formulas and improve them if possible, assuring our clients that the focus is only on the quality and integrity of each of the products.

And innovation involves all aspects of the product, from the provision of ingredients, to the final formula, flavor or even packaging. Whether it is a healthy food from our range of Active Foods ™ , a vitamin complex or supplementation for elite athletes, our main objective is always the same, to offer the best product to meet the needs of our customers.

During these last months we have presented fantastic new products that have made our brand grow, as well as we have focused on the development and improvement of each of the ranges. In case you missed any, we indicate some of the main news:


Premium dietary protein

CUTTING EDGE ™ PROTEIN is probably the best protein supplement for weight loss in Europe. Inspired by the CUTTING EDGE ™ concept, our premium fat burning capsules, CUTTING EDGE ™ PROTEIN is a powder blend containing over 24g of protein per serving and many other active ingredients.

* Suitable for vegetarians.

Cutting Edge Protein

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Premium Intra-Workout Formula

ENDURE ™ is probably the best intra-workout supplement in Europe. It combines the highest quality ingredients in optimal doses to promote muscle growth and reduce fatigue during the most demanding workouts. Whether for team sports like soccer or rugby, intense endurance-based sessions or dance classes, ENDURE ™ is the ideal intra-workout formula.

+ 4g of BCAA (4: 1: 1), 3g of Arginine, 2.5g of Glutamine and 1g of Taurine

+ Refreshing flavors with added Electrolytes and Vitamin B6.

* Suitable for vegetarians

Endure Intra Workout PRemium

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Whey Protein Premium Drink

INFORMED WHEY® RTD is  probably the best whey protein ready-to-drink supplement, cheapest in Europe. Its formula includes 100% Ultra Filtered Pure Whey Protein Isolate and provides, incredibly, no less than 25 g of protein, without sugar or fat. Informed Whey® RTD is a perfect refreshing drink to consume after training or when you need to increase your protein intake.

+ Citrus drink without sugar with 25g of protein

+ Perfect for post-training or any time of day

Informed Whey RTD Post Workout

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The BULK POWDERS ™ Complete Vegan Supplement is a European novelty: it is a product suitable for gaining muscle mass suitable for vegans, which contains no less than 400 kcal per dose. With a superior blend of isolated pea protein, brown rice protein, and quinoa flour among its ingredients,  Complete Vegan Gainer ™ ensures a high-quality protein source perfect for vegans along with a complete amino acid profile.

+ Perfect mass gainer for vegans

+ 400 kcal per dose

Complete Vegan Gainer

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BULK POWDERS ™ Hyperprotein Cookies offer an incredible taste of a traditional bakery cookie with a large amount of protein. As the name suggests, the cookies contain a large amount of protein from the highest quality Milk Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Concentrate.

+ Delicious baked cookie

+ More than 27 g of protein per cookie

+ Perfect for any occasion

Protein Cookies

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Combine various ingredients to make 12 tasty protein-rich chocolate brownies. Brownies can be consumed at any time of the day as a succulent hyperprotein snack. This mix is ​​easy to bake and ready in less than 30 minutes

* Suitable for vegetarians.

Cocoa Protein Brownie Mix

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And there are even more products to come!

Check our New Products section or our Instagram , Twitter and Facebook accounts to see what’s new.

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