Alimentazione per un corpo sano: integratori vegetali

Nutrition for a healthy body: vegetable supplements

A lot of gym goers and bodybuilders have a goal in mind when they start their diet and then use supplements: the aesthetics of their body. We are not going to lie, a lean and muscular physique is also important for us, but we also understand the importance of nutrition for good long-term health.

We have previously written about the benefits of using supplements to reduce fatigue, to the more traditional ones for bodybuilding loaded with proteins, creatine and amino acids. Here are 5 of the top specific herbal supplements for a healthy nutritional regimen:


You already know that kale is one of the most nutritious vegetables around. Like most green leafy vegetables, it is full of micronutrients, antioxidants and fiber. Powdered kale is very useful for obtaining all the benefits of the raw plant, without having to store, cut and steam a pile of leaves. The powdered kale is also excellent for vegans and vegetarians and is gluten, lactose, milk and soy free.


Spinach is another fantastic green leafy vegetable. In the form of a nutritional supplement in powder form they give all the incredible benefits of raw spinach in a very concentrated dose. We all know how much spinach loses volume when it is cooked and, if you want to eat it raw, it is necessary to buy, preserve and mince mountains to meet your micronutrient needs! Using a raw spinach powder bypasses both problems: you have all the advantages of spinach, without their volume.


It is a truly exceptional food supplement! Sweet potato powder is literally made of powdered sweet potatoes: a comfortable and easy-to-use version as a source of carbohydrates preferred by every bodybuilder. It tastes like sweet potato and is a great source of carbohydrates for bodybuilders, dieters and anyone who loves cooking healthy snacks. Like sweet potato itself, sweet potato powder is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, but low in glycemic index and is also rich in vitamins and minerals but without gluten, dairy products, lactose and soy.


Another staple for the bodybuilder’s diet is broccoli. Taken in powder form, they are a simply fantastic source of multiple antioxidants, vitamins and minerals at high concentration levels. We have GMO-free broccoli powder and, through a very low temperature dehydration method, we have kept the integrity of the raw vegetables intact. We suggest to anyone who wants to get the bodybuilder physique to use the powdered versions of all the classic vegetables!


Nicola Joyce has been writing for (and on) sport, fitness, nutrition and healthy living since 2004. She is also a passionate sportswoman: her background is in endurance sports, but now she competes as a bodybuilder and recently won a world title with the NBFI. When he is not writing, he can be found blogging on . Also follow her on Twitter ( @thefitwriter ).

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