• The Running Edit: Nutrition and Stretching

      When it comes to running, nutrition, warming up and cooling down are essential for keeping your performance in tip-to condition. What should you eat? How should you stretch? We asked BULK POWDERS athlete and adidas Runners captain, Sajeh Tavasolie, for much-needed answers. How should I warm-up for a long run? If you head out […]

  • The Running Edit: Marathon advice from endurance experts

      Marathon season is upon us and you could probably do with a dose of extra motivation for the final push. Andy Elks and Laura Shewbridge are two seasoned endurance runners lining up for the London Marathon this year and as a happy coincidence, work for us at Bulk Powders HQ. We sat down with […]

  • The 100 Point Recovery Points System

      In my previous blog post, I wrote about the What, Why and How of all things recovery, uncovering the tools I use with professional athletes to optimise recovery to facilitate the highest levels of performance. In this blog I am going to show you the system I use to ensure my athletes have a […]

  • The 4 Step Guide to Recovery

      Whether you’re an experienced trainer or someone getting started with workouts for the very first time, making sure that you’re giving your body every opportunity to recover is important and will allow you to train consistently. Your body won’t be conditioned to the stress of exercise and if you don’t employ the right approach […]

  • Boost your Potential by Mastering Recovery

    Everyone wants to get stronger and bigger in a short space of time. The logical thing to do here seems to be simple; train more. Usually when we want to progress in something, we practise as often as possible. Practise makes perfect, right? Maybe, but overdoing it may be your biggest downfall when it comes […]

  • Optimising Recovery to Relieve & Prevent Muscle Soreness

      Optimising recovery in sport and fitness is of paramount importance particularly with quick turnarounds between games and the aim to push harder towards fitness goals. The high levels of activity both professional athletes and gym goers undertake can very easily lead to high levels of muscle soreness and general full body stiffness. This can […]

  • How To Return To Exercise After Injury

      In this article I am going to teach you how to safely and effectively return to exercise following injury. Returning to exercise following injury is one of the main areas that I see people go wrong and sadly end up taking a backwards step in their rehabilitation. The problem is that people believe that when […]

  • Getting It Right | Training For Maximum Results

      It may shock some of you to hear a Personal Trainer saying that really, truly, exercise and weight loss are not rocket science. Of course I want to promote my services and convince would-be clients that I can train them to achieve results they wouldn’t see on their own. However the truth of the […]

  • The First Cuff Is The Deepest | Rotator Cuff

      Often, clients tell me they’re struggling with ongoing shoulder injuries. It’s an issue that, as you might expect, can severely hinder their training. The rotator cuff is a complex network of intricate muscles that enables numerous movement actions of the shoulder girdle. It is made up of four muscles, positioned around the shoulder joint […]