Post Workout Protein for Women

post workout protein for women

Fueling properly after your training session is essential for your muscles to recover and repair.

This article will look into post workout protein for women and the importance of it.

Why drink a post-workout protein shake?

During your workout, whether it be cardio or strength-focused, you’re breaking down muscle tissue via a process known as catabolism to supply you with energy. Now, remember the notion ‘skinny fat’… well let’s explain just how it happens. Some women spend hours breaking down muscle, leave the gym, don’t refuel properly and therefore end up in a state where they have in fact LOST muscle mass and kept their fat mass the same. Our bodies enter a state of gluconeogenesis (muscle breakdown) before ketosis (fat breakdown) and, especially in women, this is due to our inbuilt survival instinct to conserve fat for pregnancy and times of starvation as it is so energy-dense.

Which post-workout protein should women drink?

The most commonly consumed protein after a workout is known as whey protein. This form is most rapidly absorbed by the body and transported to your muscles to repair and help re-build mass that has been broken down during your workout. A standard serving will supply you with approximately 20g of protein, an amount which will in no way make you ‘bulky’.

This post-workout protein shake will supply you with essential amino acids that your body cannot produce by itself. It will kick start your muscle repair and recovery. But most importantly, it will take you out of that catabolic state that was doing nothing for your body composition and goals.

Other forms of protein such as casein, egg and blends of all three are also good sources of amino acids for muscular repair and recovery but the way they’re metabolised and absorbed is a topic for another different day.

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