Rowan Cooke

Rowan is our Head of Innovation at Bulk™️, with nine years’ experience within the sports nutrition industry. Graduating from the University of Essex with a degree in Sport & Exercise Science - Rowan has gained experience in a range of areas of sports nutrition here at Bulk™ . Firstly, Rowan leads our Innovation team, being involved in all new product launches from concept to launch, which involves on average around 50 new products a year (over nine years, that’s quite a lot of launches). Along the way, Rowan has also been heavily involved in our Quality and Food Safety teams, once upon a time being our Product Quality Manager and overseeing both our Innovation and Quality teams. In his spare time, Rowan can be found lifting weights and eating good food - mainly burgers. Rowan is also interested in pretty much all strength sports - strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding and weightlifting so when not lifting himself, he is more than likely watching the latest world records being smashed.