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bulk wins best whey protein

We could tell you our whey protein is the best on the market. We could tell you how good it tastes. And how smooth it is. And how… But we don’t need to. Because Men’s Health and over 15,000 others have done it for us. Let’s take a closer look at what they’ve all been saying. 

The results of the 2023 Men’s Health Sports Nutrition Awards are in. A panel of 200 fitness enthusiasts and industry experts, known as the Men’s Health Lab team, spent four weeks rigorously testing a variety of protein powders. Our bestselling Pure Whey Protein™ is officially the ‘Best Whey Protein’. 

Best whey protein

Pure Whey Protein™

What did Men’s Health say about Pure Whey Protein™?

We were scrutinised alongside a number of whey proteins on the market. The panel of experts tested for nutritional value, impact on exercise performance, ease of use, texture and flavour. 

Our winning Pure Whey Protein™ was highly rated as a ‘good all-rounder’ and highlighted the excellent macronutrient ratio.

The choice of flavours was also received well, with over twenty options to choose from. These include classics such as Vanilla and Chocolate, as well as the more adventurous options such as Rocky Road and Pistachio Ice Cream.

“With a high protein content (22g per 30g serving) and just 114 calories, 2.2g of fat and less than 1.5g of sugar per serving, it’s a suitable option for anyone looking to top up their protein content while still getting the majority of their calories from their normal diet.

It contains 5g of branched-chain amino acids (BCCA) per serving, which helps your body to recover, reduces soreness, supports muscle growth and even limits fatigue.

This is a whey concentrate powder, which means that it’s less processed than whey isolate or hydrolysed alternatives, but as a result is less filtered and has a lower protein content per weight (typically up to 80%) and therefore more carbohydrates and fat per serving.

However, if you exercise a few times a week, it’ll still provide comparable benefits for muscle growth and is generally much cheaper.”

What do our customers say about Pure Whey Protein™?

Of course, we’re thrilled to achieve this accolade from Men’s Health. Who wouldn’t be? And hearing what you think of our products keeps us striving to be the best. Over 15,000 Pure Whey Protein™ fans have taken the time to tell us what they love. Here’s what some of them had to say.

“Really good taste”

Many customers talked about how ‘incredible’ our whey protein tastes, with one customer calling our Vanilla flavour ‘absolutely banging’. 

“The vanilla is absolutely banging. Best vanilla on the market – tastes like proper ice cream, not overly sweet, doesn’t have that weird protein aftertaste and mixes really well.”

“Mixes easily, no lumps”

Mixing well is a vital feature for good whey protein, meaning it blends well with the liquid leaving a ‘smooth texture’ with no lumps. This is a far better experience for that well-deserved protein shake.

“Great tasting and dissolves better into milk then any powder I’ve had before.”


Why stick to just shakes? Our customers love to get creative with yoghurts, pancakes, porridge, afternoon brownies and so much more.

“This protein powder is very tasty when added to things like Greek yoghurt for breakfast.”

 “Flavour is great and works well with porridge.”

“I bought the unflavoured one which has a very mild milk texture and taste and I literally just mix it with everything (hot drinks, pancakes, oat meal, etc). I love it so much.”

“Good choice of flavours”

The abundance of flavours means you can enjoy the refreshing kick of Iced Latte or the distinctive nuttiness of Pistachio Ice Cream, while also enjoying the simplicity of Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry. As Nick says:

“You can get pretty much anything! I didn’t even know what speculoos was until I ordered some lol.”

High protein content”

An essential feature of whey protein, for sure. Our whey protein has at least 21g protein packed into every serving, which is an ideal amount for absorption pre-workout and post-workout.

Need to know more? Take a look at our blog on protein absorption, which details how muscle protein synthesis is maximised at a dose of about 20-25 grams protein in one sitting. Here, ‘one sitting’ refers to a time period of 1-2 hours (1).

With Men’s Health being such a well-regarded outlet in the fitness space, we’re delighted to receive this award. And we’re incredibly grateful that our customers take the time to review our products. Whether it be ‘very sexy’, ‘absolutely banging’ or ‘top notch’, we welcome all the feedback we receive.

“Bananananananananana good”

And this includes Will’s.


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