May the Force be with you! Star Wars Workout

Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or not, we are sure that you have heard about the latest premiere of the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens. If your goal is to become a member of the Jedi Order, you can say so without fear. Our special Jedi Training Plan is designed to make you stop being a Padawan and become a true Jedi Master.

Carefully read the training we propose below and combine it with a proper diet. You will soon begin to notice The Force Awakens!



The following Workout includes a large number of energetic movements that will activate your nervous system, help you get incredible muscles and your body will feel “powerful”.

It also includes some static exercises that will not leave a muscle in your body safe. It also includes resistance exercises.

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Necessary equipment:

A wall to lean on when you handstand

A bar to rise

A box or training bench to jump on

Find space for exercises where you have to go in a straight line

Dumbbells or kettlebell

If you regularly go to the gym, all this equipment should not be difficult to find. If you train at home, there is always the option to buy what you do not have, but let’s be creative, try to find things that you can use.

ALWAYS warm up before starting the workout and stretch well when you’re done.


1: SkyWalker Handstands

Padawan: 5 minutes in plank / plank position

Jedi: 5 minutes practicing the pine tree leaning against the wall

Master: 5 minutes practicing the pine without a wall

2: Jedi High Jumps

Padawan: 3 sets of 15 Squats

Jedi: 3 Sets of 10 jump Squats

Master: 3 sets of jumps 15 on bench or box.

Look for a box or bench about 60cm high. Think as if you were Obi-Wan, focus to jump with all your energy and get on the bench. When falling, do it gently on the tips of your feet first and the knees bent, that way you will absorb the impact progressively without damaging any joint. Get off the surface and repeat the jump up to 15 times. The higher the platform, the greater the challenge.

In case you can’t do this exercise, do jump squats.

3: Jabba the Hutt

Padawan: 3 sets of 10 dumbbells

Jedi: 3 sets of 10 bodyweight

Master: 3 sets of 10 bodyweight at Bench Press / Leg Bench

4: Chewbacca’s March

Padawan: Farmer’s Walk / Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk for 60 seconds

Jedi: Fireman´s carry. Place a punching bag on your shoulders for 60 seconds

Master: Waiter´s carry with the dumbbells for 60 seconds

5: May the force be with you

Padawan: 4 sets of 8 Wall or Floor Pilometric Push-ups

Jedi: 4 sets of 8 Pilometric Knee Push-ups

Master: 4 sets of 8 Push-ups (optional with clap)
If this is impossible for you, you can only do the Pilometric Knee Push-Ups

Complete this program regularly and gradually challenge yourself until you reach the Master level.


Remember that your diet is as important or more in this equation. Here we leave you some tips and ideas to follow a StarWars diet.


Yoda Soda – Instant BCAA Powder Apple and Lime + Sparkling water (do not mix in a shaker)


C-3PO pancakes – Complete Protein Pancakes – Accompaniment to the taste of each one

/ the-core-en / micellar-casein-protein-pancake /

/ the-core-en / recipe-for-protein-waffles /

Princess Leia Breakfast – / the-core-en / easy-and-quick-options-for-a-breakfast-with-high-protein-value /

Wookie Cookies- / the-core-en / recipe-for-butter-cookies-with-chocolate-and-almonds /

/ the-core-en / protein-bars-peanut-and-chia /

Main courses

Bobba Fett Konjac Noodles – / dieteticnoodles.html

Pure Energy Anakin – Energy Meals BULK POWDERS


Ewok flapjacks – High Protein Flapjack Bar

Death Star Whey Balls – Whey Protein Chocolate Balls

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