Beginner’s Guides – Diet & Nutrition

  • Top 3 Nutrition Tips for Returning to the Gym

      Unless you’re one of the lucky ones to have a rack of dumbbells and a barbell at home, many of us will have just spent a solid 12-16 weeks crying ourselves through high-volume, low-intensity home workouts. In this round-up, we’ll go through the top 3 nutrition tips to make the most out of your […]

  • Post-Workout Supplements Explained

      If you’ve completed any type of physical activity and want to maximise your results, it’s probably worth looking at post-workout nutrition. What you eat after training has an impact on what you’ll get out of your session. What’s the point in training really hard and only get some of the benefits? In this guide […]

  • MCT Oil: Product Spotlight

      Whether you’re a keto dieter or you want to find an alternative to butter and other vegetable oils, MCT oil could easily be the replacement you’re looking for. Here, we’ll take a look at its benefits, uses and ideal diet partners. What is MCT Oil? If you’ve been on a nutrition journey for some […]

  • Collagen Supplements: Benefits & How to Use Them

      Collagen supplements come in different forms such as powders and capsules. In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at the most popular types of collagen including collagen coffee. What is Collagen? First things first. Essentially, collagen is what holds us together and it’s the main element that makes up for our connective tissue. […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to L-Carnitine

      Next on our amino acid deep dive is our beginner’s guide to L-Carnitine. We’ll go into a bit of detail on what L-Carnitine does as a nutrient and how taking it as a supplement can support an active lifestyle. We’ll also have a look at L-Carnitine dosage, benefits and side effects. What is L-Carnitine […]

  • Supplements to Help your Joints

      There’s a lot of focus on muscle care and maintenance and it’s easy to overlook our joints. It’s thanks to them that we can move at all in a stable way and it’s fundamental to keep them healthy. In this guide, we’ll focus on supplements to help your joints be at their best. Essentially, […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to HMB

      When HMB was first introduced, it quickly became the holy grail of sports supplements. With time, however, scientific research has shifted the conversation a bit. In this beginner’s guide to HMB, you’ll get the low-down on what HMB is, its benefits and potential side effects. What is HMB? Let’s start off with the basics. […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Fat Loss | Improving Body Composition

    Often, when someone is starting out in the gym or beginning a new training programme, their first port of call will be to reduce total body fat percentage, whilst maintaining or increasing a high level of lean muscle mass. Rather than being determined at reducing weight, the main aim here would be to improve overall […]

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Sports Nutrition

      So, you’re new to supplements, but you’ve seen others using them in the gym and are keen to obtain the same benefits as others. Where do you begin? We completely understand that the wide range of products on offer such as pre-workouts, post-workouts; whey protein, soya protein; vitamins and minerals can be very confusing. […]