Going Vegan: Alex Cleland

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Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We caught up with Alex Cleland to find out how he’s getting on!

How are you finding it?

I’m finding it difficult and a big change to my usual way of eating. Usually, I’m a big meat and dairy eater so having to completely eradicate that out my diet is hard.

Have you noticed your energy levels have increased?

I’ve actually noticed my energy levels have decreased, but this is probably because I’m finding it hard to eat as many calories. I have a very active lifestyle and being a personal trainer, I’m on my feet most of the day so having a high enough food intake is vital.

Has it affected your training in any way? Have you got any new PBs?

My training hasn’t been as good as before and I’m actually struggling to hit the numbers and lifts I was prior to starting Veganuary!

What’s the hardest part of going vegan?

Not being allowed to eat eggs and macro munches…

Do you feel full after your meals? Are you feeling hungrier more often?

I do feel a lot more full after meals and finding I’m nowhere near as hungry anymore. I don’t feel like I have big dips in hunger levels as I find I stay fuller for longer.

Have you incorporated any Bulk Powders products to supplement your diet? 

I’ve implemented loads of Bulk Powders products, especially with the supplements I’m likely to be missing from my diet now being vegan. The vegan omega 369, vitamin B12, iron tablets, magnesium and zinc are some of them. I was so relieved that Bulk Powders’ creatine is vegan so I could continue having it!

Will you carry this on post-Jan? If not, why? 

I won’t be carrying on with being vegan. I really miss certain foods, however I will be making more vegan choices and definitely making a more conscious effort to have less meat based products.


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