Going Vegan: Emily Solmon

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Four of our ambassadors were given the challenge to go vegan for January. We recently sat down with Emily Solman to find out how she’s getting on!

How are you finding it so far? Hard?

I’m finding it easier than I expected. I ate a predominantly plant based diet before this challenge, so I am lucky in that sense. However, starting the year in Copenhagen was a challenge as I normally just opt for fish when I am on holiday. I also love smoked salmon on the weekend, but I will not fail!

Have you noticed any differences in yourself or your training since taking part in the vegan challenge? 

I have noticed that I am not as tired, which is fabulous. I have not had a coffee yet this year!

A common myth with veganism is how expensive it is. What are your thoughts on that?

No it’s not, but it can be. If you are buying the fake processed meat alternatives, yes that’s going to be expensive. But, a tin of chickpeas is 20p! I think more education is needed in regards to vegan cooking and what to do with the cheaper ingredients. Also, Bulk Powders always have great sales on so if you want some extra vegan protein, they’ve got you.

What’s your best vegan recipe you’ve made? 

Caramel latte protein weetabix porridge! Recipe will be on my feed very soon! 

What Bulk Powders products are you using to supplement your diet? 

I’ve been using vitamin B12, vegan protein powder (caramel latte and vanilla are my life), vegan omega 369, vegan protein bars (banana one kept in the fridge is 10/10). I also always take the vitamin C tablet everyday that Bulk Powders sell for my immune system. I have done this for a year and a half now.

Are you feeling you are meeting your Omega 3 needs whilst being vegan?

Yep, with the help of things like hemp seeds, flax seeds, walnuts etc., but also making sure to supplement when needed with Bulk Powders vegan omegas.

Do you think you’ll carry on with it post January?  

I think I will definitely continue to eat plant based 90% of the time… but I shall keep you posted with my final answer!


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