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  • Quality Assured! – In-house Formulations

    Previous Quality Articles Quality Series #1 – Product Testing Quality Series #2 – Informed Sport Protein Powder Testing – Nitrogen and Protein Results Update BULK POWDERS™ QUALITY SERIES – PART #3 Here at BULK POWDERS™, we’re really proud of our New Product Development – we feel we launch great products at unbeatable prices. Our in-house […]

  • Quality Assured! Informed Sport

    BULK POWDERS™ QUALITY SERIES – PART #2 In Part #1 of our Quality Series, we focussed on the independent testing undertaken on our products to ensure the nutritional value, and specifically the protein content, are what you would expect. You’ll be pleased to read that we don’t stop there. At present, two of our products […]

  • Quality Assured! Product Testing

    BULK POWDERS™ Quality Series – Part #1 BULK POWDERS™ has always aimed to provide customers with the highest quality products at the cheapest prices. We feel it’s important to communicate our quality processes. As such, we’re going to run a four part feature showing why BULK POWDERS™ offers the highest quality products! In the first […]