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Pride in our Manufacturing

We are extremely proud of our state of the art clean room facility which is the real focus of all our production here at Bulk™ HQ. Confidence in having the very best equipment, staff and operative procedures, means we really do want to shout about it. We’re aware that at Bulk™, we’re one of less than a handful of supplement companies in the UK to manufacture in-house, and we’re keen to show any of our guests who come along to visit and now you, our customers, via our Quality Series blog posts.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

As mentioned in Part #3 of our quality series, we conduct all of our product development in-house here at Bulk™ HQ. Production starts with a clean, tidy and professional working environment; as you can see from our photos, this is something we ensure is of a high standard every day in the clean room and is regularly audited. All our production operatives are expected to maintain the highest standards of hygiene at all times – involving a full gowning and sanitisation procedure before they even enter the production facility.

Cleanliness and contamination control is a fundamental aspect of a manufacturing environment; both taken very seriously here at Bulk™. Our whole production facility is controlled with HEPA filtration and operates at constant positive pressure, ensuring only the cleanest air flows through along with high powered extraction points throughout the various lines remove any airborne particles, avoiding contamination across our vast product range. Compressed air lines are in regular use across all production machinery to target specific areas and ensure everything is spotless before a different product commences its manufacturing process. For specific cleaning we use wipes that have effective bacterial action against MRSA, E.coli and a diverse range of other micro-organisms which are ideal for use in cleanrooms and critical environments.

High-Specification Performance Mixer

As part of our constant effort to supply the best products to our customers, we only use the best machinery to manufacture them. This includes a high performance mixer which ensures the ingredients are blended to perfection, making certain what you see on the label is what you get in each scoop. Our filling lines are routinely calibrated on top of various quality control procedures that all batches of product must pass before being released to our warehouse for despatch. Many companies don’t have these facilities, and need to get products externally blended and filled. We value the control and assurance our own facility and processes give us in making certain our products are of the highest quality each and every time you order them.

Quality Control

Before any batch of a Bulk™ product is signed off after blending it needs to go through the taste testing protocol by one of our product team specialists (see a bit about them on our previous quality blog #3. This procedure requires a sample of the product to be made up, then put through a sensory evaluation considering key points such as flavour, texture and mixability when compared to an approved retained sample. It is also then sent away to an independent laboratory for macronutrient testing. Both of these processes ensure that the product you receive not only tastes just as you expect, but is consistent across every batch and conforms to our label every time.

Liquid Egg White Refrigeration

All our products are packed into the relevant Bulk™ quality pouches and stored in locations in our warehouse which is maintained at a high standard as should be expected of any food company. Where appropriate, additional processes are in place for specific products – for example, one of our most popular products are our Liquid Egg Whites, which have their very own refrigerated storage unit during the summer months so they can stay at their freshest until they arrive to you. Additionally, during these hotter periods, we pack the Liquid Egg Whites using one of the latest technologies WoolCool; an eco-friendly packaging solution which keeps the contents of your delivery box cool until it reaches you.


There you have it, a brief overview of just some of the high standards that we’re really proud of at Bulk™.  As one of few companies to manufacture in-house in our very own state of the art production facility, we feel that the total control we have over the manufacturing process shines through in the quality of the end product.

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