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Here at BULK POWDERS™, we’re really proud of our New Product Development – we feel we launch great products at unbeatable prices. Our in-house New Product Development committee has over 30 years’ experience within sports nutrition. In fact, all of our product development is worked on in-house: concept, ingredient sourcing, formulation, taste, product manufacture and quality assurance all take place exclusively at BULK POWDERS™ HQ.

The ethos at BULK POWDERS™ is that we’re very much product led – this means we formulate what we feel are the very best products, before setting a price. The opposite of this is fairly common – it involves setting the price first and making the formula fit the price. In this instance, poor sources of ingredients can end up being used alongside insignificant dosages, as there’s no money left in the ‘pot.’ At BULK POWDERS™, we don’t have a pot – the product always comes first.

Our industry leading formulas means that, throughout our website, there isn’t a proprietary blend in sight. Simply, we don’t believe in hiding the formulas – after all, we’re proud of our formulas, why would we choose to hide them!

Our Product Team* are adamant that only the very best formulas are used – looking at their experience, it’s easy to see why. Our Product Director and Senior Product Technician had over a decade of experience at GlaxoSmithKline/Maxinutrition and Glanbia Performance Nutrition prior to joining the BULK POWDERS™ development team. Between them, they have worked with elite athletes and teams, including Premier League Football & Premiership Rugby Clubs; contributed to numerous online blogs; made a guest appearance(s) as nutrition expert on MTV and Absolute Radio as well as presenting scientific research at academic conferences. All members of the product team have degrees in a field specific to sports nutrition, alongside post-graduate qualifications.

When you look at product quality, the effectiveness of the products themselves has to come first. At BULK POWDERS™, we think we’ve got that right.

*in case you want to check up on us!

Simon Jurkiw – Product Director
Alison Hedley – Senior Product Technician
Rowan Cooke – Product Quality Assistant

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